MONQ-ROYALE 2020 lookback & highlights

1 August 2019 marked our first ever Twitch stream. The first ever Twitch launch of our awesome new product. And our first ever MADMONQ party!

Fast-forward exactly one year and we brought to you something even more kick-ass. Something that brought the whole Twitch community together again. We combined a tournament & a party into one epic event.


  • 18 streamers 
  • 36 hands
  • 825 dead worms
  • 2 700 000 pixels devoured
  • 1 keyboard that took one helluva beating
  • And 1 asteroid falling into the jacuzzi

Also, there was a twist.

Nobody knew the tournament game until the very last minute. This was to avoid try-harding and excessive training in order to snatch the grand prize. The game was the OG battle-royale classic, where 6 players are forced to fight their way through a jungle of hands to assert dominance and taste the sweet, sweet victorz.

Yes, we’re talking ONE keyboard and ONE very wormy game. This game:

We joined forces with DELL to make an epic Battle Ring. Streamers fought inside a boxing ring, on one PC, one Alienware keyboard (plz buy so we can make bigger battle rings) with hopes to win the grand prize and claim their rightful place on our Wall of Fame..

And boy, was the grand prize shiny. Shining so bright you could spot it from Mars, made from indestructible adamantium and equipped with futuristic technologies, which would make NASA envious

Eventually there could only be one winner. So who proved to be the most agile, the wiggliest, the most intense competitor who eventually claimed the ultimate title of the MONQ-ROYALE CHAMPION 2020?

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, the master of ring entrances, the lover of dogs, the self-proclaimed God Gamer and the first back-to-back (not technically) Wall of Fame champion.


The after-party was juicy, too. Here are some extra highlights and a few honorable mentions:

  • The real MVP: our dog – Chewie and his dogcam
  • 1v1 hold-your-breath battle in the jacuzzi Agraelus vs. Artix
  • Xnapy’s rumbling entrance intros
  • Mr. Tablet finally getting intimate with Agraelus after a year of waiting
  • LastGameBlitz’s bottomless stock of premium rum from Jack Sparrow
  • Jacuzzi champagne showers
  • Artix yoinking a whole stack of gift boxes
  • CzechCloud’s lost sandals floating in the jacuzzi with sad violin music

Cheers to all the remaining warriors that dared to step into the Battle Ring:

Oh, and one more thing. To keep the tradition going, we launched something big.

Our #darkmonqstories campaign had even the most badass streamers share their dark stories and battles for the light. We supported this campaign by a limited edition design of MADMONQ. But more on that in another post.

(This limited edition is sold out, but you can still get the OG one here.)

TL;DR – The party was awesome, wormy, monumental, wet and full of meme-worthy content.

Here are some stats:

  • 12 hours and 34 minutes stream time
  • 9 939 follows
  • 12 049 peak viewers
  • 40 525 unique viewers
  • 200 768 chat messages
  • 4.58M minutes watched

Here’s a video recap.

Till next time, folks. And as always, stay awesome.

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