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Join the ranks of the MADMONQ® ELITE SUBSCRIPTION CLUB and worry no more about running out of MADMONQ®. Take our hand - we will guide you through the ancient Path of the Monq, which holds many secrets (and loot).

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Performance supplement crafted for a healthy, natural kick to power through tough sessions

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Daily power-up designed uniquely for gamers’ long-term health.

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Don't worry about running out of MADMONQ® or CHAMPION anymore! This subscription includes a monthly dose of our awesome products along with plenty of benefits - all at a cheaper price!

  • Delivery to your door every month
  • Discount on merch that grows every month (up to 50%)
  • Early access to limited drops
  • Occasional special loot in the box
  • Path of the Monq VIP emails to upgrade your performance

Your new Beginning

Path of the Monq

The first rays of cold, morning sunshine signal that it's time to go. This feels like a new beginning. A fresh start. You packed the essentials (like MADMONQ®), but you know that more challenges and tough boss fights lie ahead. To beat them, you'll have to improve. You'll have to become stronger, wiser and better-equipped. You'll have to level up. And MADMONQ® wants to be your guide. Your journey of transformation begins now.


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Why should you become a member of the Elite Club?

Exclusive perks as a thank you for your loyalty

  • Merch discount up to 50%: the longer you subscribe, the more you save
  • Get MADMONQ® merch and limited items prior to official launch date
  • PATH OF THE MONQ VIP newsletter packed with tips for your mind, body and gear
  • Subscription rank badges and IRL gifts
  • Additional TOP SECRET benefits even we don't know about yet

Unlock long-term health benefits with monthly supply

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Don't feel like continuing on the path or just need to take a break? No worries - you can cancel anytime, no strings attached.


Get access to PATH OF THE MONQ VIP NEWSLETTER, a monthly resource of performance & health intel to up your game


Hassle-free monthly delivery

Subscribe and stop worrying about running out of MADMONQ®! We'll make sure that you get your pack(s) delivered each month, straight to your door.

Get MADMONQ® 10% cheaper

Yes, you read that right. On top of all the goodies you get, you also save $$. If this isn't a win-win situation, we don't know what is.

Join the Elite Club & get rewards

Being part of the Elite Club is our biggest gift to our loyal customers. We're making it cheaper than ever to keep your optimal performance going. Enjoy hassle-free delivery with added perks and gifts - directly from our hearts to yours.

What PROs say about MADMONQ®

“The gaming pill of the future” - we sat down with Lex Veldhuis to tell us about his experience with MADMONQ®.


I also tried other gaming supplements – powders – and I wasn’t as satisfied with them as I was with MADMONQ. I think that MADMONQ tastes better, has a longer lasting effect and pills are more practical. I will definitely stick with MADMONQ from now on. 100% satisfied

- Radim Peka


Funky tasting, but in a good way! Seems to sharpen my ageing mind and help me kick ass with my son on Pop One. Liked the purchase experience too (order process updates, packaging etc.). Nice one!

- theKickboxer


MADMONQ is a great alternative to other caffeine pills or energy drinks. No jitters or after fatigue. A nice boost of energy and focus that is not overwhelming. I like to suck the tablets. LET`S GO TEAM SUCK.

- Marcus L

Frequently Asked Questions

Path of the Monq is our Elite Subscription Club, and a love letter to our dedicated fans. It is our special take on monthly product subscription that is not only cheaper than one-time purchase, but also comes with additional perks, discounts and rewards.
Instead of one-time purchase, select subscribe and fill in all the boring, but necessary details (such as billing, shipping and payment information) in the checkout. After the payment is confirmed, your subscription begins and we will start processing your first subscription order. You will then be automatically charged every month, and the selected number of MADMONQ® packs will get delivered to you. In addition to that, you can also look forward to some additional goodies.
Apart from getting a fresh pack every month at a better price, as a subscriber, you get plenty of additional benefits, including: • Merch discount up to 50%: the longer you subscribe, the more you save • Get MADMONQ® merch and limited items prior to official launch date • PATH OF THE MONQ VIP newsletter packed with tips for your mind, body and gear • Subscription rank badges and IRL gifts • And maybe additional TOP SECRET benefits even we don't know about yet
Yes, of course! You can manage your subscription in your Profile. But keep in mind that by canceling the subscription, you will lose all the benefits and your rank will be reset.
Yes! Just head on over to Subscription management in your Profile and increase/decrease the amount of MADMONQ® packs!
No need to do anything, as long as you're logged in to your account! The discount is automatically applied and the longer you stay subscribed, the bigger it gets! Stay subscribed and it can grow up to 50% off.
Every country we currently ship to is eligible for subscription (always check the availability at the checkout): Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US)
We're constantly working on expanding to more countries. You can also reach out, we might figure something out.
Unfortunately no, the subscription can't be paused. You can, however, cancel the subscription anytime.
No need to pay in advance - you are automatically charged every month.
You are charged automatically each month based on the day you joined the elite subscription club. This date can't be changed.
Yes, subscription requires MADMONQ account, which makes it easy to manage your subscription, rank up and get merch discounts.

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