CHEW or SUCK one MADMONQ® 20 minutes before gaming. Do not exceed maximum dose of 2 tablets per day. We do not recommend to mix with alcohol or any other stimulants. MADMONQ® is awesome by itself.

Expect a very specific blueberry TASTE with a bitter tone towards the end. There is a simple reason for this. MADMONQ® is just too packed with some of the most effective ingredients for brain health. And they taste bitter. Blueberries will also colour your tongue purple. This is a desirable effect. No need to panic.

MADMONQ® has a very specific effect. It kick-starts your brain immediately, but the effect is much more complex compared to aggressive, jitter-inducing sugar-caffeine combos. You will feel wakeful, focused, motivated and rested. Additionally, you’ll benefit from other long-term effects on cognition, energy metabolism and overall performance.

Although MADMONQ® was specifically developed for gamers, we regularly receive testimonials from our fellow users that MADMONQ® saved them during exam period. Apart from staying wakeful and maintaining focus, MADMONQ® brings many memory enhancing properties and is very well suited for the times of stress and when there is a lot to learn.

Studies on primary ingredients such as adaptogens, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, fruits extracts have not demonstrated any negative effects. Other ingredients, such as our organic caffeine have similarly positive safety profiles and an extremely long history of traditional use. MADMONQ® was developed with big focus on long-term safety and health.

As a general rule it is always recommended to take time off of any supplementation. With  MADMONQ®  we recommend at least a couple of days a month.

Please note that, that MADMONQ®  is not intended to cure or treat any disease or any significant underlying condition. Also, if you are taking any prescription medicine for a brain condition, please consult your doctor before using MADMONQ®.

MADMONQ® has 24 months shelf life if unopened and stored properly. Once opened, make sure to keep it closed at all times. We ditched preservatives and therefore our earth-grown ingredients are very sensitive to moisture.


MADMONQ® is a nutrient-dense formulation of some of the world’s most renowned ingredients for brain health and performance. It’s carefully selected blend of adaptogenic herbs, plant and fruit extracts, amino acids, organic caffeine, vitamins and minerals.

Additionally, we said NO to artificial colours, NO to artificial flavours, NO to preservatives, NO to GMO, NO to performance killing sugars and NO to unnecessary additives.

MADMONQ® is made from natural sources and it’s simply the best product to kick-start your brain to your full potential.


Absolutely yes.  Most of our ingredients operate on a different system than your multivitamin. Much so, they could actually assist in the efficacy of our product.

We do not recommend taking MADMONQ® with high caffeine-content products. Our product is developed in a very balanced way and any other stimulants or metabolizers may kick it out of balance and have negative effects. Try it alone, it’s awesome by itself.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this. We do not  know your specific conditions and all the relevant circumstances. While we have experts and doctors who helped us with every step of the formulation, we cannot give you any specific medical advice. Be sure to always consult your general practitioner if in doubt.

We are athletes too, and we assure you, you will find our product excellent for training and certain types of competitions as well. Some of our ingredients speed up recovery and improve endurance and stress response. Also, all of them are competition-safe.


Delivery times and shipping costs differ country to country. On average, we deliver 1-6 work days for standard delivery and 4-10 work days for economy shipping from the moment you place the order. Goods are shipped within 24 hours after the order is placed. Once shipped, you will be informed via email.

WE SHIP TO WORLDWIDE (always check the availability at the checkout): Germany, USA, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, France, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico.

Specific shipping costs always at the checkout.

This rarely happens but should your MADMONQ® come in damaged, do not accept it and inform the courier. Let us know and we will take care of it immediately.

We accept credit or debit cards via PayPal gateway. You CAN pay even if you do not have a Paypal account. Once you are redirected, look for options “Pay with debit/credit card” right below “Pay with my Paypal account”.


MADMONQ® is a food supplement and complies with strictest EU regulations. It is manufactured in a high-tech  GMP certified production facility in the Czech Republic. It does not contain any ingredients that would show up on banned substance lists or drug test worldwide. MADMONQ® is therefore clean for any competition..