Why is MADMONQ® a tablet or a “pill”?

Tablets provide benefits that other dosage forms don’t. First, we want to use the most effective extracts in the world (pharmaceutical quality). Tablets are the only form that lets us do that. Second, tablets are “dry”, so they don’t need the artificial colorants, aromas or conservatives that liquid products do. Dry form is by default very stable. Third, tablets are mega portable. We love the idea of carrying a month’s worth of on-demand focus with us and being able to easily share it with friends whenever we want.

How should I take MADMONQ®? Does sucking or chewing make a difference?

CHEW or SUCK one MADMONQ® 20 minutes before gaming. There are slight differences between sucking and chewing. Sucking increases the oral benefits of MADMONQ® while chewing kicks the fast-acting benefits a bit faster.

How do I know MADMONQ® is working?

MADMONQ® has a very specific effect. It kick-starts your brain immediately, but the effect is much more stable and complex compared to aggressive, jitter-inducing sugar-caffeine combos. You will feel wakeful, focused, motivated and rested. Additionally, you’ll benefit from other long-term effects on cognition, energy metabolism and overall performance.

Can I use MADMONQ® for studying, driving or my demanding job?

Although MADMONQ® was specifically developed for gamers, we regularly receive testimonials from our fellow users that MADMONQ® saved them during exam period. Apart from staying wakeful and maintaining focus, MADMONQ® brings many memory enhancing properties and is very well suited for the times of stress and when there is a lot at stake.

I don’t like the taste. Is there anything I can do with it?

MADMONQ® has a fruity, sweet and acidic taste with bitter aftertaste. Many people love while some may find the taste challenging. This is due to the fact that MADMONQ® is packed with natural substances that do not necessarily taste well. For example, Bacopa tastes like soap. To combat the bitter taste, which for many is “the trigger” for absolute focus and tryhard mode, you can flush MADMONQ® down with a glass of water.

How many tablets are in a pack?

There are 28 tablets in pack. A perfect monthly dosage.

What's inside MADMONQ®?

MADMONQ® is a nutrient-dense formulation of some of the world’s most renowned ingredients for brain health and performance. It’s carefully selected blend of adaptogenic herbs, plant and fruit extracts, amino acids, organic caffeine, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, there are NO to artificial colours, NO to artificial flavours, NO to preservatives, NO to GMO, NO to performance killing sugars and NO to unnecessary additives. MADMONQ® is made from natural sources and it’s simply the best product to kick-start your brain to your full potential.

MADMONQ® composition >

How is MADMONQ® different to standard caffeine supplements?

Caffeine is the ingredient that many of us are most familiar with, but there’s a lot more going on in your body when you take MADMONQ® than just a caffeine boost. There are 14 other active ingredients doing some pretty cool work, too. Some of them even work together in unique ways for added benefits as well. Some of them are even long-term, like better memory, eye health and metabolism.

MADMONQ® seems to be very expensive.

If you are in the pharma business you’ll know that this combination of the ingredients we use is quite expensive! That is especially true if sourced from high quality suppliers – as we do.

Is MADMONQ® safe to take with my vitamins and minerals?

Absolutely yes. Most of our ingredients operate on a different system than your multivitamin. Much so, they could actually assist in the efficacy of our product.

Can I combine MADMONQ® with other stimulants (such as coffee, energy drinks or other energy supplements)?

We do not recommend taking MADMONQ® with high caffeine-content products. Our product is developed in a very balanced way and any other stimulants or metabolizers may kick it out of balance and have negative effects. Try it alone, it’s awesome by itself.

I have a medical condition, is it safe to take MADMONQ®?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this. We do not know your specific conditions and all the relevant circumstances. While we have experts and doctors who helped us with every step of the formulation, we cannot give you any specific medical advice. Be sure to always consult your general practitioner if in doubt.

What is the difference between MADMONQ® and prescription medications routinely used for focus?

It’s important to keep in mind that medications like these are prescription-only and were developed to treat mental disorders. Using them recreationally can permanently affect the way your brain works. We are not fans and we know that there are much better, less risky ways to increase gaming performance and focus. Like MADMONQ®, which was designed with safety, health and performance in mind. And even though the boost effect may not be as potent, it will be sustainable, healthy and pretty awesome! 🙂

What's the shelf life?

MADMONQ® has 18 months shelf life if unopened and stored properly. Once opened, make sure to keep it closed at all times. We ditched preservatives so our earth-grown ingredients are very sensitive to moisture.

Can use of MADMONQ® cause negative side effects, such as dependency?

The short answer is no. Studies on primary ingredients such as adaptogens, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, fruits extracts have not demonstrated any negative effects. Other ingredients, such as our organic caffeine have similarly positive safety profiles and an extremely long history of traditional use. MADMONQ® was developed with big focus on long-term safety and health. As a general rule it is always recommended to take time off of any supplementation. With MADMONQ® we recommend at least a couple of days a month.

Can I overdose on MADMONQ®?

Too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. The effect of MADMONQ might be thrown off balance and you may experience some undesirable effects like restlessness, nervousness, but also upset stomach, if you take more than 2 tablets per day.

If I take MADMONQ®, will it show on doping test?

No. No worries, we developed MADMONQ to be compliant with WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) so no threat of being categorized as something illegal for competition.

Where do you ship?

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE (always check the availability at the checkout): Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US).

How long does the shipping take to get to ....?

Delivery times and shipping costs differ country to country. On average, we deliver 1-6 work days for standard delivery and 4-10 work days for economy shipping from the moment you place the order. Goods are shipped within 24 hours after the order is placed. Once shipped, you will be informed via email.

When is my MADMONQ® going to be shipped?

We ship within 24 hours of your order. If you manage to squeeze your order before noon, we ship it the same day.

My country is not on your list, what can we do?

Reach out, we might figure something out.

Where is my package? You promised 3-5 days!

3-5 working days* In extremely rare cases, your package may get postponed for reasons out of our control. Reach out to us and we will do everything we can to get your MADMONQ® to you asap.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards. Use Paypal or Skrill for card payments or try many different local payment methods available via Skrill payment method.

What is MADMONQ Loot & Rewards system?

This system builds on Qoins. Qoins are a MADMONQ exclusive currency that can unlock kick-ass gifts, earn you ranks or you can use them at the checkout to shave off a couple of real $ from your order.

More Qoins = higher rank = better gifts = more massive flex.

Why is Loot & Rewards locked on my profile?

Loot & Rewards get unlocked after your first purchase. We wait 3 days after the package is delivered to prevent potential Qoin abuse..

How can I earn Qoins?

There are plenty of ways to earn Qoins and escape the lower ranks of the Monastery. They range from buying MADMONQs to giving us a review or sharing your OWN personal link, that you can find in your profile.

We will be expanding these mini-quests and you will always find the current line-up in your profile.

For more info, check out this post, that explains how ranks give you street cred, earn eternal respect and open additional treasures and prizes.

I’ve ordered MADMONQ but I still don’t have Qoins. Why?

We take the liberty of taking +- 3 days after the package has been delivered to confirm and add the Qoins to your profile to prevent people abusing Qoin system.

How does the referral system work exactly?

Sharing is caring. If you love MADMONQ, your friends will love it too.

  • Share your own personal link with someone.
  • For each order made by your friends through your link, you earn 1 Qoin.

More referred friends = more MADMONQ orders = more Qoins = Stonks.

What are "Ranks" and what are they for?

Ranks give you street cred, earn eternal respect and open additional treasures and prizes. Here is the list:

  1. Monastery cleaner (unlocked new rank sticker*)
  2. Hopeful novice (your own customizable referral image)
  3. Zen master (exclusive zen master pin)
  4. Sensei (exclusive sensei robe)
  5. The Ancient One (The Ancient Artifact)

* With each rank you automatically unlock a new exclusive sticker that looks just like your flex-worthy rank

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