MADMONQ Version 2.0

Long have you waited.

MADMONQ® VERSION 2.0 is here, and boy, it is good.

Before we start telling you how version 2.0 is better, let us tell you this.

Getting better is our mantra, it runs deep in our blood. It’s in our DNA.

We push our streamers to do better everyday. We push you to become the best version of yourself. And we push ourselves to do the same.

For us, perfection is not optional. It’s a requirement.

Some may break. But the ones who persist, are on the path to become superstars.

And this philosophy applies heavily to what you’re about to read.

With the help of your incredible feedback, we were able to push ourselves beyond our limits.

We’ve spent the past year locked away in our lab. We’ve worked our fingers to bones. All of this with one goal. To make MADMONQ® even better.

It took months.

It took 67 development iterations.

That’s going back to the drawing board 67 times and trying to find new ingredients that would fit with our strict requirements, tinkering with their ratios, finding synergies, while maximizing efficacy and, at the same time, keeping the taste ….well, MADMONQ®.

And after nearly a year, we were finally satisfied.

The results kicked ass.

We packed MADMONQ® 2.0 with 36% more active ingredients.

Simply put, this means new and better composition full of sexy new ingredients. It means better natural sweetener profile. And it also means better taste.

Adding these new ingredients allowed us to improve the efficacy and push all the effects you have grown to love to the next level. Everything needed for a successful and healthy gaming sessions is now even better.

And all of it is packed into our tangy purple tablet.

We improved the effects on energy. MADMONQ® 2.0 now brings better, more stable, crash-free energy to help you push through tough gaming sessions. We also improved the effects on focus and overall well-being.

Our objective was to enhance the long-term health benefits, too. MADMONQ® 2.0 supports your memory, energy metabolism, your eye health, immunity and helps maintain healthy mental performance. These long-term benefits are essential to making sure your own biological hardware runs smooth. And they are also what makes MADMONQ® 2.0 different.

Our line of adaptogens is now even stronger with a new addition. The adaptogenic profile is strengthened and the effects on your body’s ability to combat stress in the face of the challenges in any game are improved.

Finally, my colleagues at MADMONQ® know this already – I get uncomfortably excited when I talk about Spectra™. This new ingredient is a result of years of research into how different natural extracts affect free radicals in your body and enhance your performance. Spectra™ brings together 29 of the most efficient extracts from fruits, plants, herbs and veggies that were specifically chosen for their superstar antioxidant properties.

“Tell me more about this Spectra.” – you say. With pleasure.

Let’s dive into how Spectra™ works in your body.

  1. Spectra™ boosts NO (Nitric Oxide), which relaxes blood vessels and helps with circulation; which in turn helps body transfer nutrients to and from your cells
  2. Spectra™ is a superantioxidant and helps fight free radicals like a nothing else
  3. Spectra™ helps your body work with Oxygen more efficiently.

Let’s talk about free radicals.

There are five custom formulations in Spectra™, each of them targeting 1 of 5 types of free radicals.

  • ORAC Formulation: targets Peroxyl Radicals
  • SORAC Formulation: targets Superoxide Anions
  • HORAC Formulation: targets Hyrdoxyl Radicals
  • SOAC Formulation: targets Singlet – Oxygen Radicals
  • NORAC Formulation: targets Peroxynitrites

These bad boys are commonly known as ROS (radical oxygen species or for short, free radicals) and they run rampant in our bodies as a result of various naturally occurring chemical processes. If left unchecked they can potentially cause harm to cells and to your health. Even though they play an important role in many signalling processes (telling our bodies what is up) it is important to keep them under control. Good diet and healthy habits help here a lot.

Spectra™ helps neutralize these little rascals both in and outside your cells. This in turn helps your body run more smoothly and helps avoid oxidative stress – which is a state where free radicals overwhelm your body’s ability to regulate them.

A really cool fact about Spectra™ is that it helps your body increase cellular and mitochondrial oxygen consumption. Basically affecting how our cells work with oxygen. This by definition should result is higher ROS production – but it doesn’t. Which suggests better cellular efficacy, which is superimportant especially for people with sedentary lifestyles.

“Enough of Spectra already! ResidentSleeper. What else is in there?” – I thought you’d never ask.

We added a bunch of other cool stuff like a new adaptogen – Schisandra Chinensis – a potent herb that has been traditionally used as a performance enhancer.

We added Choline – a substance essential for proper functioning of your brain and your nervous system.

We improved the natural sweetener profile (we added Erythritol + Stevia combination to accompany our favorite Xylitol used in version 1.0).

And finally, we tweaked the ratio of our other superstar ingredients.

All this with one goal. Making sure we can bring you the best tool to help you on your path to mastery and sustainable performance.

Without further ado, we present you: MADMONQ® VERSION 2.0




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