We Launched New MADMONQ Live On Twitch And It Was Epic

Two years.

It took two years before we finally pushed ourselves to leave the warm and safe waters of the Twitch chat and did our first MADMONQ® stream.

And it was EPIC.

First, we had a plan.

We would throw an exclusive party to celebrate the launch of the new phase for MADMONQ®. We would invite our Twitch streamers, customers and awesome people that were in one way or another involved in MADMONQ®. Then, we would get them into a confined space in an undisclosed secret location. Finally, we would wait and see what would happen and live-stream the shit out of it.

The plan was simple.

And the plan worked.

Nearly 10k people watched us live on Twitch. Over 120.000 messages were sent that evening. Hundreds of videos with hundred thousand views circulated the internet in the following days.

It was nuts. Here’s a taste.

This year, we decided to pay tribute to our origins. The party took place in Prague, exclusively with our Czech community. We met up with the top stars in the gaming entertainment business to celebrate the new phase of MADMONQ®.


Throughout the last year we worked our fingers to bones and pushed our limits to give you the new MADMONQ®. MADMONQ® version 2.0 with better composition, better effects, better taste and better design.

And that’s not all.

We launched a new website with kickass design and even better functionalities (you will learn about them soon).

We talked about our plans for the upcoming merch store and our approach to making the best merchandise possible. Always with that special MADMONQ® twist you have grown to love.

Because we want to make the best stuff for you. You deserve it.

For us, it was a big test to see whether we were ready to bring the MADMONQ® experience to your favorite gaming events in the upcoming years.

And we are ready.

This wouldn’t be possible without you. And it wouldn’t be possible without our streamers. Special thanks goes to:

JOHNNYCRYPTON – our first streamer and a person that managed to turn his life and health around.

AGRAELUS – the biggest, baldest and by far the most successful streamer on the Czech scene. The winner of the “Golden Tablet” award and the proud owner of the RGB fridge, which we made for him but does not work very well.

ARCADEBULLS – the face and the beard of the Czech Twitch and our dearest Viking friend with the sexiest Twitch brand.

BLADE – the master of hype and counted among the most talented CS:GO commentators we know.

SPAJKK – superbly talented PUBG player and an awesome person to be in the zone with.

CZECHCLOUD – the man of the forest, the druid and the one true Hearthstone Global Games Champion.

MARTY – the Ed Sheeran of the Czech Twitch who also kicks ass at Tanks.

ARTIX – we have true feelings for this handsome, handsome man #fullhomo. Oh and he also plays Fortnite, we think. We can’t say for sure because we can’t stop staring into his deep blue eyes.

HERDYN – the one and only Czech Twitch senior, always fun to make fun of each other. He also likes drinking milk and getting banned.

OPAT04 – one of the most talented LOL players we know and rising star of the Czech Twitch. A man with deep appreciation of women and a wild party beast.

C3RB3ROS – a rising moderator star, who took us through the evening with grace and humor – thanks for standing in last minute and kicking ass.

Our hearts go to all other streamers and stars who attended: Crafak, Back to the Kitchens, Claina, Koki, Naya, Liveoliver (we know you stole that MADMONQ logo!), PlayED, Rik, Lelek, Filel and many, many others.

Special thanks goes to DJ Lowa who successfully made gamers bust some serious moves and go nuts on the dance floor.

We all danced. Even the chat.

Our team worked hard to make this party happen. So, on behalf of everyone in MADMONQ®, big thanks to all of you who attended.

It was awesome to see you had so much fun.

Thank you <3

Now go get some new MADMONQ®s and kick some ass!

Stay awesome and let’s keep the party going!

Michal, founder



  1. Streamers Visuals
    September 19, 2023 / 15:08

    MADMONQ’s live event sounds like a blast! Congrats on making such a huge splash in the gaming scene and kudos to everyone involved. Can’t wait to see what you guys do next, Michal!

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