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Play like the pros: use a checklist

April 26, 2019

The ability to improve (and the satisfaction it brings) are literally hardwired into our DNA. Without them, we wouldn’t know the joys of life: like video games, grilled bacon, or even electricity. Yes, indeed. The world would be a dark, dark place. That said, there are two ways to approach improvement: let it happen to...

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The Two Viking Secrets That Will Keep You At The Top Of Your Game

April 12, 2019

How would you like to hack and slash your way not only through long gaming sessions, but also through tedious exams and those agonizing hours at work… all without feeling so drained that you need several energy drinks just to function? Do it the Viking way! Just maybe without all the yelling and the horned...

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How to survive after an all-nighter

February 2, 2019

Remember when you turned down that date with a supermodel so you wouldn’t miss the launch announcement of that one game? Yea, we don’t either, but you were sure playing the hell out of it like it was true. Or maybe it’s 5AM and you’ve been up all night preparing for a test or presentation....

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Introducing Ultimate Esports Socks

December 10, 2018

Our socks needed to be more than just really, really ridiculously good-looking, so we crammed them with so many feetures that only a handful of producers would even call us back – these socks were borderline contraband.

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The Secret to Next-Level Gaming: MOVE

December 3, 2018

“Waaaait a minute! Exercise  ? But this is gaming!” Don't worry, this isn't a bait-and-switch – the two are more related than you think. A few weeks ago we released some sick merch out into the world, namely to the streamers we love so much. There was a catch though – they would have to...

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