Why it took us 500 days to make CHAMPION

We’ll be honest. MADMONQ Champion is as close to being a multivitamin as a dragon is to a gecko

For an important reason – vitamins only make up a third of its 24+ natural ingredients (the rest being a variation of powerful carotenoids, minerals, amino acids… we’ll get to them later). 

But we know using the word “supplement” doesn’t help spark the imagination.

That’s why we wrote this origin story about creating the 1st all-inclusive daily health supplement for gamers. 

Rising from dozens of proto-types, years of industry experience, and a pure drive to cut the BS and give our community better alternatives to improve their health & performance. 

Brace yourselves; you’re about to enter the mind of a mad scientist. 

Season 1 Drinking GIF by Rick and Morty

It all started with the MADMONQ® Vision.

Giving gamers the perfect health supplement didn’t seem possible at first. But, if you know MADMONQ, then you know our mission to convince fellow gamers to care about their health hasn’t always been easy. 

But we’re not disrupting health & gaming for an easy time (we only play GTA Trilogy without the mods fixing rain)

So even while we spread awareness about healthy lifehacks and launch awesome products, we never stop listening to fellow gamers to see what kind of challenges our community faces. And see how we can solve them together (like bringing gamers together, to natural ways to be healthier).  

Did we mention public head-shaving as another way we bring gamers together? That was the case at our last MADMONQ Party

And in early 2020 we heard more and more from streamers suffering health problems that aren’t just connected to performance

Their daily dedication to the game/stream was causing a shitstorm of effects on their body. And there is good evidence today that way more gamers are suffering the same way. 

With symptoms and health issues like

  • Eye problems, vision fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Weaker immunity
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Depression symptoms and irregular moods
  • Metabolic syndrome 
  • Poorer cardiovascular health
  • Lower testosterone and libido
  • Slower muscle development
  • + many many more…

Being caused by

  • Stress,
  • “fast” nutrition,
  •  bright light exposure, 
  • dopamine imbalance, (your motivations/fulfillment chemical)
  • the pressure we put on our bodies
  • And generally taxing lifestyles 

How do gamers support our bodies w/o giving up our control(ler)?

Like top-performers in other industries, streamers started looking at health supplements and multivitamins to help support their lifestyles.

But unlike athletes and executives, there are no complex supplements made for gamers on the market. 

It’s more barren than the sands Timmy Chalamet crossed in Dune.

What are gamers left with? Well. Pickings are slim, Jim. 

  • Either choke down a never-ending supply of different pills every day to get the dozens of nutrients we need.
    • This includes buying expensive bottles of each separate supplement (easily totaling 100 – 150 euros every month). 
    • And wasting hours and hours googling each supplement because, we admit, there are alot of scams out there. And you have to make sure it’s filled with high-quality ingredients + active, functioning components and not empty, healthy-sounding words.

Or simply go on with relying on our bodies. But this isn’t enough.

pokemon GIF

This shouldn’t be the way. 

In March of 2020, we started brainstorming MADMONQ Champion to meet gamers’ unique physical demands, stresses, and conditions – all in one supplement. We considered things like:

  • How the nutritional problems facing gamers are diverse. 

The same nutrients that maintain our eye health don’t reinforce our bones and joints. So we need a complex, all-around combination of ingredients that’s high-quality and 100% natural. 

  • How to combine the ingredients so they make sense and are in proper quantities

Fun fact: Nutrients can seriously vary in how much space they take up. Like 1g of magnesium lactate contains just 10% of an active ingredient. That’s why magnesium tablets are YUGE.

  • How to avoid poor-quality, generic supplements. 

It seemed big, and fast decisions sacrifice quality, effectiveness, and the ultimate value of the product.

We agreed developing Champion was a marathon, not a sprint (not that any of us like doing cardio anyways). 

So we decided a million small choices would be worth the extra time to make MADMONQ Champion a real Champion. Piece by piece. 

Boy, do marathons seem easier on the outside. 

Chemically balancing 20+ nutrients… with all carrying a punch… fitting inside a tiny tablet. 

We would have an easier time getting our family members together. 

Wearing matching Minecraft overalls

On Christmas day. 


New Year Christmas GIF by Tellurion Mobile #Gamedev || Realmcraft Game

Obviously, we needed to pick a large variety of natural ingredients carefully.

This meant pouring over tons of samples and consulting experts over an entire year. 

Our CEO Michal had to decide on a flavor, so he came to the office one day with more samples than the bugs in the average Bethesda game.  To get an idea of which flavor tasted more like long-term success, our whole team did blind tastings and voted.

 Cherry? Way too sour. 

Blueberry? Even worse than MADMONQ version 1.

Ultimately everyone seemed to miss the sunshine and consciously (or subconsciously) made our winner Passionfruit, a tropical burst of flavor. 

Video Games Beach GIF

With taste decided, our lab tests had also picked on the best mixture of ingredients. 

(trust us, our manufacturers were about to shut us out forever. We sent back dozens of beta-versions that didn’t meet our quality expectations). 

What types of natural active ingredients made it to the finals?

  • Carotenoids, 
  • Amino Acids, 
  • Antioxidants,
  • ADEK and B vitamins,
  • Minerals, 
  • Extracts from plants, herbs, and fruits. 

And each type has absolute beasts of a nutrient in Champion. 

Let’s look at Lutein, a natural carotenoid that all by itself supports vision sharpness, eye tissue, and contrast sensitivity, all while contributing against blue light and glare.

High-quality sources of Lutein aren’t a cheap find.  That’s because any other quality and the carotenoids are super unstable and have no benefits after a couple of days. 

So when we wanted to fight threats to your eyes by filling this deficiency, it took us a long time to put it there. But it’s absolutely vital to maintain your eye health (we pair it with the only other eye carotenoid Zeaxithin and Vitamin A for even more eye support). 

Another all-star ingredient is Zinc (and one of our CEO Michal’s favorites, as subscribers of PATH OF THE MONQ, read in October’s VIP email). We frequently refer to it as a super mineral, and it never fails to prove itself worthy of our admiration. 

Zinc is shared in MADMONQ® and Champion to maximize a healthy dose together (think batman and robin, except both are equally awesome). 

Actually, we made sure MADMONQ® and Champion are perfectly synchronized when overlapping.

A small number of matching ingredients reach optimal dosage by taking them together (more importantly, we made it impossible to overdose on any nutrients). Like Zinc and Vitamins B6 and B12.

And with 0% caffeine, Champion lets us still enjoy our natural energy booster as we always have – just with the long-term health benefits skyrocketing. 

That’s why Champion is more than a multivitamin. 

MADMONQ® Champion is the first health solution designed by gamers, for gamers. We all deserve healthier options to support our lifestyles, and this is our labor of love over 1.5+ years to craft exactly that. You can buy your first bottle here and see for yourself.

We hope you take it every day and fortify your health to the fullest for a sacred oath between you and your health. And MADMONQ® will be here. Making sure gamers will always have sustainable, healthy options to support them – now, and in the future. 

And we’ll be by your side for every challenge you face on your CHAMPION journey.

Stay Awesome, 

Champions of MADMONQ®

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  1. Abdul Rahman Aloubaydi
    January 06, 2022 / 01:49

    Should I buy the normal one or get champion? I am really confused here.

    1. ThatJohnS
      January 27, 2022 / 10:14

      Hey, thanks for the question! MADMONQ Champion is a different product with different ingredients and effects. Tldr version: Champion = bunch of vitamins, great for your health and alpha spirit; MM = energy boost with caffeine and vitamins. Do not expect any energy rush of Champion, it was not intended to be used instead of MM rather taken together with MM (or alone).

  2. Nina
    December 28, 2021 / 13:42

    Magnesium an important mineral for human body that plays an important role in 300 enzymes in human body to assist in nerve function that can be provided through magnesium supplements in Pakistan

    1. darkj4572@gmail.com
      January 27, 2022 / 15:02


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