I can carry the strongest man in Germany, thousands of gamers, and the hammer Thor daydreams about. Yet, I have no muscles and no arms. 

What am I?


Silly riddles aside, Twitch is part of our DNA. 

We even have a dedicated Twitch team answering your questions 24/7, chilling on streams with you, and working with our stars to bring YOU awesome community events. To listen to you, our beloved community, is our priority. 

We take it as seriously as Santa Claus does his Nice and Naughty list.

Now back to the story.

Did you know TwitchCon in Amsterdam was our first big Expo presence… Ever??

We spent many months and a lot of body fluids (sweat and tears, you filthy animal) crafting our booth.

As with anything MADMONQ®, we wanted to do something different for TwitchCon. And, when putting our minds together in a beautiful mess, we came up with some rather… interesting ideas. 

  • A monk temple…
  • A super silent zone…
  • And even the Olympics, but for gamers…

Ultimately, we decided on a whole other main attraction. A crowd-pleasing sensation that would challenge you, your friends and the streamers a little. 



A hammer so ferocious and almighty… so gorgeous and… OK, maybe Thor wouldn’t ditch his beloved Mjölnir in a heartbeat for it… 

And maybe it couldn’t survive the heat of a thousand suns… or has blasts powerful enough to destroy planets… 

But none of this was necessary (so we didn’t have to call in Odin to bless it with any of those Asgard God powers).

We ‘just’ needed a hammer capable of measuring the strongest and chaddest community.


Read on to see the TOP 10 list. And spy the awesome photos and aftermovie while at it!

But first, a ginormous thank you to all of you — over 1,500!! — who wielded the hammer in our booth and literally SMASHED those scores

Btw… Did you know that having this carnival hammer makes enough money to pay off the hammer itself in just 3 days of the ‘carnival’? 

Although it was quite expensive. So that’s impressive! 

And speaking of all things impressive… 

It was absolutely nuts seeing the line waiting to measure their “CHAD rating” or challenge their favourite streamer.

Whether you want to relive the madness again… or get major FOMO , play the official aftermovie below. 

Psst… We had such a blast observing and documenting you. Can you spot who came in and ‘chopped the most wood?’

Getting the best score. It’s not all about beefy biceps and magnificent muscles…

The most frequent question was: “How do I get the best score?” 

Witnessing the mayhem — with some challengers wielding the hammer over 30 times in 2 days — we soon noticed that while enormous arms and bodies sculpted by years of discipline helped a little, it all came down to momentum, body power, and technique.

Over two days, the names on the TOP 10 leaderboard moved back and forth.

Here’s what happened:

Day 1: a short-lived victory 

On day 1, Knut ruled the leaderboard. Alas, his glory didn’t last throughout the day as we saw him beaten by the Czech streamers’ manager, Meteleskum.

Then Willnnef came in and smashed the high score — on his first try!


But Knut and Meteleskum wielded the hammer again… And defeated him for good. 

The most dedicated smasher turned out to be Trustninja from NL, who wielded the hammer over 20 tries in one day, hoping to beat these big guys. It paid off.

Day 2: The MMA fighter VS Germany’s strongest man

Day 2 was all about the TOP 10 chase. 

We welcomed Austinshow and Wilnnef again, HasanAbi, Nymn and many more, and we saw all the TOP 10 challengers return.

On this day, there was a titanic battle for the top spots.

Just like Rose held onto Jack until the bitter end, we saw many of the challengers refusing to let go, coming back and improving their high scores. It was as beautiful to watch as that ice-cool, heart-wrenching scene.

And Halbgottschmiede smashed a new high score… admittedly, he’s the strongest man in Germany. What an honour and what a CHAD!

But the final TOP 10 winner was Whalnar, using insane techniques from his MMA and rugby career. 

Knut, the legend himself, stayed in fourth place. BUT… 

His wife beat him. 

Check out the video. This was quite impressive! 

And here’s the Final TOP 10 leaderboard:


It was a pleasure to see you all working those biceps, wielding the hammer and whipping your hair like the God of Thunder, competing for the highest score, eternal glory, and MADMONQ® loot.

One question remains: Who has the strongest community on TwitchCon? 

To find this out, we called our data magicians and had them pre-read the data.

We calculated scores on the hammer, then downloaded your favourite streamers’s scores and contributed your score to the streaming communities.

And the strongest community is… shroud! Congrats guys, we hereby dub ye gigaCHADs.

Now go carry that title with great honour. You’ve earned it. 

Go ahead. Search for your favourite streamer nickname in our cluster map.  

If you visited our booth and don’t see your score, there might be a mistype. Please write to us on discord and we’ll search for your name and bring justice and glory to it! 

To sum it up, we had an amazing time and we can’t wait to meet you in person again during more events. 

Our ultimate mission 2030 is to help gamers improve and bring health to gaming. And as with everything we do, we aim to do it differently. To MADMONQ-IFY things, if you will.

Therefore, we brought the second-best hammer (after Mjölnir) to TwitchCon.

As a brand made for gamers, by ourselves as gamers, our sole purpose is to help you solve challenges and motivate you on your journey — all while bringing you some value and having fun.

Because that’s what life is about.  

That’s definitely what TwitchCon is about. And so, we’ll be looking forward to the next one. 

Know where we should show up next? Hit us up!

Until then, you’re welcome to relive the madness through our photos.

Can you spot yourself?

Feel free to share if you do. And tag us @madmonq so we can re-share your good times!

You were breathtaking.

Remember to stay awesome. 
Asgardians of MADMONQ®

Here’s where we like to play…




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