The story of the Tiger Shorts: MADMONQ magic at work

The Tiger R.O.A.R. Shorts sold out.

We could just announce the end of this xmas campaign with a thank you post on IG but the story of these shorts is special. It has everything that we consider important. And it highlights exactly how we’re different.

Read on if this sounds interesting (hi mom).

WTF? Why would you make underwear, if you’re a pharma company?

Above all, MADMONQ is a brand with an important mission. And since our inception we’ve known our most important goal is to support gamers on their way to better health, higher confidence and ultimately – winning.

There are many paths that lead to this goal (and our purple tablets play a crucial role), so it was only natural that one day we’d get excited and start exploring.

And this is how the story begins.

Christmas. Every year’s deathmatch for the best merch

Every Christmas, brands, stores and companies go to great lengths to introduce the best Christmas product. We pretend we don’t care and keep cool but deep down we know we need to deliver on the MADMONQ standard. And that’s not an easy feat.

This year we had a plan.

To make sure we have enough time, we started throwing ideas around some time in June. It was early, we were confident. It’s gonna be easy.

Except it wasn’t.

Ideas. More ideas. Hundreds of ideas. But nothing we’d say HELL YES to. Sidenote, this is a MADMONQ benchmark –  if it’s not a HELL YES idea, we simply look further and work more.

Too simple.
Anyone could create this.
Nope, we won’t manufacture in China.

Time passed.

And suddenly, it was October. And we still didn’t have the HELL YES idea. Michal, our CEO, decided in an act of desperation not to shave until we found it. He was nervous, pacing up and down like a caged beast. We were worried. His mental health was at stake.

Next meeting. Another torture full of good, but not HELL YES, ideas.

Is Michal capable of violence on his own employees? We were pretty sure he could be.

Under unspoken death threats and out of what seemed like utter desperation someone yelled…

TIGER SHORTS! Let’s create a piece of underwear and imbue it with the spirit of a tiger.

We found our HELL YES idea.

Now we have a month to deliver

Add that MADMONQ magic!

The idea has no value without proper execution. We all know this and we were ready for the sprint.

Shorts design, finding the right packaging and designing it, thinking about all the little details like inside labels with stats.

What about unboxing? Just make sure it kicks ass.

Painful negotiations with manufacturers. We only want the best materials. What kind of features can we include? What about the waist-band? Make sure it’s extra comfy. Do you have something special? We don’t care if it’s expensive, it needs to be GREAT.

We joined forces with one of the best Czech shorts manufacturers with 20-year short-manufacturing history. When they saw what we want, we were told we’re crazy. They haven’t seen anything like it. But they loved it.

Copywriting. Tiger illustration. 3D video.

Iterations, iterations, iterations.

Landing page, testing. Photoshoot. Ads, posts, emailing.

Thank God for the purple pills.

We need more – can we create more GIFs and wallpapers? What about a Spotify playlist? Yes, do this too.

We need to make sure it is world class. It’s the only way we do things at MADMONQ. And this is not going to change any time soon.

So, how did it all turn out?

Not only did we sell out, we made sure a completely new breed of tigers will roam the world in the following years.

Let this piece of underwear be a reminder that you’re a hunter. Let it be a reminder that the world is a jungle and you either fight or run forever.

You’re a tiger now and the tiger knows what it wants and it’s going to get it.

So remember, it’s not over until you win.

Big thanks to everyone who snatched a pair of our Tiger Shorts. We torture ourselves for you and we couldn’t do it without your support.

Now rest and get ready for 2021, tiger. Remember that everyone wants to eat but few are willing to hunt.

Scarred hearts of MADMONQ

Here’s where we like to play…




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