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Supercharge your immunity with Vitamin KDA Spray – an epic combo of K2, D3, and A vitamins that work together to keep your immune system in top shape.

With over a year’s supply of immune-boosting power at your fingertips, you can fully focus on your in-game KDA and our spray will take care of the rest.

Ready to add Vitamin KDA to your arsenal?

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Stock is limited! Max 1 bottle/elite monq. For oral use only (don’t spray and pray pls – it won’t work with your armpits or heels).

Pro-tip: Vitamin KDA works best with MADMONQ® & CHAMPION.

Eye and bone health
Blood circulation support
Extra immunity boost
The patented synergy of 3 vitamins
Compact supplement in spray
Year+ supply (420 doses) in 1 bottle
Mint & lime flavor