STERAKDARY CHAMPION – The Day We Celebrated PAC-MAN Birthday on Twitch

24 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds.

Of this:

And this: 

And eventually this:

It was spontaneous, it was honest, and it was EPIC.

From a simple idea of a social media post to celebrate PAC-MAN’s 40th birthday to monumental Championship event we will all remember as PAC-MONQ.

12 streamers battled for the title of the PAC-MONQ CHAMPION 2020!


crafted by Ali cosplay

The streamers battled without mercy from the opening bell to the last seconds of this extraordinary clash.

Some managed to climbed into the top 100 PAC-MAN players in the world within 3 days.

Soak that in. That is crazy.

Two battled head-to-head until the last second.

Eventually, Herdyn was defeated by a hair-thin difference of only 2,630 points (less points you would get for a single ghost!)

With a merciless mental warfare tactic and hours of dedication.

The deserved title goes to he one and only…


An honorable mention goes to Agraleus who led the leaderboard for 17hours and 40minutes, ultimately finishing 4th (because he likes his zZs’s). That was also no ordinary feat!

And of course a thanks goes to all the streamers that participated in the championship and put their hearts and souls into it!

This event was created with a single purpose. We wanted to connect Twitch a bit more again. We wanted to give YOU – the viewers an opportunity to see your favorites battle each other in style. And we wanted you to mingle.

That’s what we think Twitch is about. And that is what gives us at MADMONQ the most joy.

So, THANK YOU for tuning in, being awesome and vibin’ till the end.

Our livestream stats:

That’s mind-blowing.

We can only be so grateful. We are building something great together.

AND NOW 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10km running. GO! 

Now, you can only sit tight. Because something else is coming.

In the meantime, watch this highlights video:

Stay awesome,

People of MADMONQ



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