OPERATION BALDPOINT: we salute the bald-MONQ of Czech Twitch

The Twitch community has its peculiarities. For example its acquired sense of humor. Or its radical honesty, which can be felt and seen in the chat. It’s not for everyone. But we love it.

Above all, the Twitch community is a birthplace of incredible stories, most of which couldn’t be experienced anywhere else.

Let us tell you about one such story.

Once upon a time, we overheard that CzechCloud wanted to say goodbye to his iconic bald patch and go fully nude (on his head). It was a really bald move.

It was in that moment we knew that not only the family chronicles of the CzechClouds would be rewritten, but that the Twitch community would witness something that would stay with them till the rest of their lives.

And we would be pulling our hair out, if we weren’t part of it.

So, we sent CzechCloud a special package with an invitation voucher to our BARBER-MONQ-SHOP. We added some essentials, like SPF50+ baby sunscreen, a red tie and a barcode (we bet the game enthusiasts already know).

Our invitation was accepted.

It was up to us to deliver the MADMONQ magic.

A professional barber. Our office in the clouds sitting over Prague. Three, not only real, but very attractive women. Almost 10k people live on stream. An intimate razor shave while the sun was going down.

A much-needed high jump into the jacuzzi. And a 100% accurate Hitman cosplay.

We’re glad we had the chance to support Petr (CzechCloud) in his courageous decision.  Because those of us, who decide to step out of our comfort zones, will get to shine bright at the end.

Stay tuned for more flashy & bald events.

Barbers of MADMONQ



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