MADMONQ® x BLAST Premier: an open letter to competitive gaming

Dear gaming!

We need to talk. Even though you never gave us up and never let us down, we have something important to tell you.

We’ve had some of the best times together. To this day we vividly remember the overwhelming feeling of joy when we got our hands on the 144p BFG for the first time. Or that indescribable fear when we plunged into water with that weird-looking alien fish in Half Life. Or when we experienced that feeling of immense satisfaction when we won our first Counter Strike match (against bots).

Over the years, you’ve grown up, gaming. Many things changed. Many things evolved.

You’re Mr. BIG DEAL, now! Dating close to 3 billion gamers. You’ve become more popular than music & movies combined.

You’re a …kinda sport, too. Even though the Olympics gig did not work out, who cares. They don’t know.

But there’s one thing that’s been bugging us for quite some time. As you grow bigger, you have more influence on our lives. You are more demanding. Just like a certain polish game studio (which shall remain without a name for a reason that we don’t want to get sued ) is on their developers.

You may not realize this, but you often push us to our limits. You push us so hard, that we often forget about our health. 

And frankly, you have the power to affect our body and habits in ways we’d carry with us till the rest of our lives

If we don’t address these now, we’re in trouble.

If every other kind of athlete can be helped by diet, nutrition and sleep, then esports should be no different. After all, taking care of your body helps your mind perform better.

To become the best, we now all have to work even harder. Improve ourselves on all fronts. And there is no space for subpar energy products, sugary waters or prescription medications

We know, we know. It’s not your fault, gaming. But together, we can create a world where health and performance is a priority, not an afterthought.

We’ve founded MADMONQ® in 2017 as the first health and performance brand that would cut through all the nonsense and would help gamers push their limits in a healthy and sustainable way.

To level up, we’re now becoming the official health supplement partner for the BLAST Premier Spring season.

This is a HUGE deal for us.

We’re extremely proud to join forces with a global organisation that shares our values and wants to help us put health into the spotlight. 

We’re on a mission to convince all gamers that health should play a crucial role in their hardware setups. This is our 2030 plan.

Wish us GL, gaming. If we all play our cards right, we see this as a GG for everyone.

With love,

Michal Noga, CEO and health pioneer of MADMONQ®

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