The ULTIMATE Guide to Finding Your Power

Our favorite superhero universes show us flashy superpowers like telekinesis and super strength. But in the real world, superpowers look very different.

IRL “leveling up” or unlocking powers isn’t possible like it is in our favorite video games. That’s why we love gaming. Because it’s a totally immersive experience that makes learning new skills super fast, and we get to feel that warm feeling of accomplishment after.

So why can’t we make real-life more like a videogame?

That’s exactly the vision behind this guide. We’re not wasting time to tell you how to level up your character or what the best skill is to build your life.

Instead, we’ve got researched tips (and some not so researched but equally as motivating) to help you on your journey as your favorite videogame does.

Strap in. We’re about to dig DEEP to help push you on your journey to becoming a hero.

Let’s find your Superpower

There’s no foolproof way for everyone. But we put our heads together to think of 5 tips that could help discover your power. No, we’re not sniffing on Szechuan sauce. We don’t actually think you’ll discover an ability for telepathy (although you can never rule it out…)

We studied ways to find actions you take that make a big, superpowered impact on your life. That’s the basic idea of the 80/20 rule, which says 80% of what we do comes from only 20% of our actions. So we’re serving a dish heavy on inspiration with researched, real-life advice sprinkled on top.

Let our (totally unqualified) tips guide you to discover your passion, your skill, your superpower.

Focus on what energizes you

  • What makes you feel alert and alive? Think even the websites you browse.
  • Did you feel that *high* when you built miniature airplanes? (we don’t mean from glue) 

You want to concentrate on skills that bring big results. But you also want to think about how it makes you feel when you do them. It’s about finding your inner power, that joy from using a skill that something in the back of your head goes crazy telling you this is it.

Because feeling energized is a sign that you’re proud of the work you’re doing

Alright. Not everything that gives you energy will be because it’s your talent (a 10-hour DOTA marathon doesn’t mean you’ll get into Immortal ranks anytime soon.) But it’s a good starting place to cancel out the millions of things you’ve already tried and left you feeling drained.

Listen to your teammates  

  • What have your friends, co-workers, or teammates ever complimented you on?
  • Do you see any patterns, or hear repeated praise for something?

Friends are there with you in the trenches IRL and online. They get to see you at your highest gg and your lowest .  They can also notice what you’re good at – the things you do that you may not even be aware of but are pretty impressive. 

Think about the last time you’ve heard positive feedback. Or a compliment about something you did. Then tie this to a skill or talent you think you may have.

“What about being a good homie? Is that a superpower?”

It is! A good compliment can have an impact just like superstrength (alright, close to superstrength…) Helping someone with their journey is a small kindness that can push someone forward on their journey. Don’t underestimate it. 

For us, your hearts in Twitch chat when we come to your favorite streamers is something we and our whole team consider as your superpower. Spam away cuz’ this DEFINITELY makes you a superhero to us (just saying…)

Don’t let haters hold you back

  • Do you hold back from doing an activity that interests you because of the judgment of others? (no, we don’t mean picking your nose on the bus) 

Friends can be your biggest support. They can also roast you to tears. But we have to hold in our tears and remember not to let other peoples’ opinions keep us from being who we are. 

Don’t lose sight of things you might be great at because you’re afraid of what other people think. 

Kicking ass at make-up doesn’t mean you’re stuck working at a boring salon (or are any less manly.) You can become a CRAZY awesome visual FX artist or work with character concept designs for Hollywood movies. 

Just focus on what you can do. If we let others hold us back we’ll never become the hero we’re meant to be. Do you think someone as talented and trend-breaking as Prince listened to his haters? Heck no. And now his Purple Rain album is played across the world still 40 years later. 

TL:DR Ignore the doubters, fakers, and disbelievers. They’re a waste of your time. 

Decide who you become

Manifesting isn’t just for crystal-loving hippies in their Volkswagon car. 

Picture who you aim to be. And never drop your eye from that vision. No matter the distractions. That’s the secret to always moving forward. 

We can often look up to superheroes as our role models (especially when we were younger.) But what is it about your favorite superhero that you admire?

Looking past the capes and tights, we admire their bravery, discipline, and courage.

Every hero has a goal. A vision they chase. Whether it’s avenging their parents, or defeating their nemesis. What we learn is that they become the ultimate hero by focusing on their goals. Not by spending their day thinking about how to become better just to be better. 

So breathe. Think about it. Set your goal. 

Then never lose sight of it.

Concentrate on the journey

  • Do you quit when it starts to get challenging?
  • Do you swear on Gandalf’s luscious beard to never do something again, but before finishing it?

The 10,000-hour rule says you need to practice a skill for that long to master it. But just to be above-average at something, it’s more like 100 hours. We could complete the Witcher III campaign in that time .

Let’s flip it. How long does it take to find out you’re NOT great at a skill?

Answer: Not as long. But don’t give up after a day – it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Make sure if you’re playing the flute, or studying engineering. That you don’t rage quit if it doesn’t start to feel natural to you right away. See how you feel over weeks or even months.

Many inner villains will come out along the way that want to throw you off your path. Resist feelings of jealousy by comparing yourself to the BEST. It will only hold you back.

There’s more way than one to get closer to our goal. Don’t get intimidated if that way hasn’t been taken before. Every superhero get’s thrown into new territory.

You just have to take it and adapt to make sure it doesn’t hold you back. 

Feeling surer about your journey to becoming a hero?

Well, if not. Don’t sweat it. These are just ideas to help guide you. Our point? Everyone has the ability to make a difference with what they’re good at. 

Sometimes it’s not *bam* – right in front of you. That calling to become a hero can be quiet… barely a whisper… But it’s there. Ready to guide you in the right direction.

Don’t give up. It’s just a matter of time before you discover it. 

And we’ll be here for you on your journey. 

Every step of the way. 

Stay awesome, 

Superpower Seekers of MADMONQ®

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