Gachi, Glitter, and Magic: how we dreamt up our latest limited-edition poster

Our MADMONQ goal and mission relies on putting our belief in you – gamers, no matter the game

We’re gaming industry revolutionaries, it’s in our blood to be passionate. But we also want to show you we’re in this together for the long game. And to do this, we need to go beyond our ultimate healthy performance optimizers.  

We want to find ways to inspire you.

For example, we draw inspiration from people we look up to – whether we’ve met them or not. Every one of us has someone who we’ve always admired. Whose legacy inspired us to be bold, determined and fearless.

For many Twitch enthusiasts on our team, and we’re confident for many of you as well, that person is Billy.

The man who wasn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. A man who continues to leave a positive impact on the world and the whole Twitch community.

But the question remained, can we pay tribute to such an icon in a way that would also help inspire our community?

We got an idea.

Do you remember a time when we all had posters around our room? When we were young(er), these weren’t just decorations. These were not just posters of our favorite movies and bands (Backstreet Boys anyone?) – they depicted our role models, figures that shaped who we’ve become.

So, we teamed up with the best artist we know (Claina) and revisited this very idea.

An original, epic piece of art was born.

Second, we added glitter. Four layers of glitter, to be exact. If this is not a recipe for success we don’t know what is.

The results were freaking amazing. It was better than any poster we have ever created.

You know us too well.

And with all things we make, this is not your regular (albeit insanely hot) poster. It had to carry significance. An original piece of art that would bring meaning to all the people in our community.

We want Billy to become the sexy reminder to all of us to dream big and seize opportunities. 

Throughout his career he showed that anyone can be courageous to take risks and plunge into the unknown. If you do, the results may blow you away.

We want this poster to remind you of just that.

And we think this message is SO essential, we’ll be giving out this awesome poster for free to anyone who would be purchasing 2 packs of MADMONQ. Starting today from 12:00 CEST and only until supplies last.

Fear is the mind-killer.

So don’t be afraid – dream big and go all in.

Because whatever you set your mind to, you CAN do. That’s what Billy lived by.

That’s what he’ll keep reminding us every day.

Here’s where we like to play…




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