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Introducing KNUTNUT – the delicate hazelnut spread enriched with high-quality protein that satisfies your every need for an ultimate cheat snack, without the junk present in the composition of your everyday munchies. Made in collaboration with Knut himself (Mr. Arnold and the streamer whose biceps could probably bench-press a truck )

This snack of champions is your ideal companion for when you’re waiting for your buddies in an in-game lobby, need to replenish energy after a workout, or you’re having one of those tough days in the office or school.

INGREDIENTS: Hazelnuts 44%, almonds, cane sugar, milk protein 9,5%, whole milk powder*, fat reduced cocoa powder* 2%, cocoa butter*. butter oil*(milk), Himalayan salt. *From organic agriculture. ALLERGENS: For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

100% natural nut spread - no weird science experiments here.
Hand-picked nuts roasted with hot air technology (no low-quality oils)
Enriched with cold ultrafiltrated grass-fed protein (gains, baby!)
66% less sugar than other impostor supermarket spreads
Smoooooooooth consistency achieved via an 8-hour patented grinding process
2-layered composition for a snacking experience that's as Instagrammable as it is irresistible
No preservatives or colorants (nature doesn’t need improving)