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100% exclusive, custom designed and charmingly motivational.

Get the unique HEARTCORE cap packaged in a special masterpiece box with plenty of other surprises along with our high-quality goodies. Checkmate, Swiss Knife.

To ensure you can have your pressious companion anywhere, we made the keycap to be truly universal.

  1. keyboard – Always press the right button. Replace any square MX keycap with a HEARTCORE cap.
  2. showcase – Have your heart in the right place. Use the included stylish box to showcase your keycap in the company of your most cherished collectibles.
  3. pendant – Pull the strings of your future success. Take your favorite chain or string and wear the keycap wherever you please.

HEARTCORE cap is not just an ordinary gift or a clicker for lazy evenings. It’s a determination-boosting companion and an everyday reminder that health is your most important hardware.

WARNING: When purchasing this gift, there is a risk of increasing the recipient’s heart rate and critically improving their lifestyle by several levels. We recommend keeping it in a visible place for all to admire.

Hand-crafted in Czechia
Luminous design (that will turn each your step into a highlight)
High profile
Multi-use (keyboard, showcase, pendant)
100% compatible with any gamer’s heart (and most keyboards)
Perfect gift for those who always want to press the right buttons
Mel Gibson's spirit (for real, it is there)