Introducing the ultimate gift for your overall health, the perfect tea add-on, and a sweet reminder of your goals.

Packed with the limited RAW BEE MAD HONEY (worth €15) and all MADMONQ® products (MADMONQ®, CHAMPION, GREENS) at a discounted price, this honeycomb-o will put to shame any wannabee best Xmas gifts. Makes us wonder if we didn’t set the price too low 

Blossom RAW honey 500g
From the hexagon comb, straight to our unique hexagon jar. Limited masterpiece of unbeatable quality.

FREE 5-step toolkit
As part of our FIND YOUR HONEY campaign, where we help you find your right path, purpose, and goal, we’ve created the ultimate toolkit by distilling tips from the biggest giants in the game. Expect 5 unique infographics to land in your mailbox for free over time.

Learn more here.

WARNING: This gift may cause an unexpected buzz of excitement. Proceed with extra caution when unwrapping. Thank you for your understanding.

Limited RAW honey
All MADMONQ® products
Design packaging
5-step toolkit
Bee rich effect (€25 worth of extra value)