Behold! This is the very first from the upcoming series of legendary poker tournaments organized by MADMONQ® and Lex Veldhuis. Get jebaited and win 1 hour of poker coaching by Lex! Join the table on Thursday 25th of February.

Buy in & get in:

  • Everyone who has bought or will buy MADMONQ® through until Thursday the 25th is automatically invited to the home game tournament.
  • We will send you the password to join the table right before the game starts.
  • Everyone with access to can get in.


  • Winner gets 1 hour of poker coaching (or just chit chatting – up to you) with Lex.
  • 2nd place gets 4x MADMONQ® 
  • 3rd place gets 3x MADMONQ® 
  • 4th place gets 2x MADMONQ® 
  • Top 20 places gets “league” points – as there will be more upcoming tournaments, players can earn those points by placing and then redeem the points for special MADMONQ® goods.

Special bounty:

Who knocks Lex out gets a unique one of a kind art poster with special Lex bounty design + 1x MADMONQ®