Our Hero’s edition is about finding your power.

Wow, does time fly.

We realized it’s been over a year since we released our first limited edition

So we went back and rewatched our streamers’ videos.

And we admit. We teared up a ‘lil.

Because they reminded us that we all struggle sometimes. 

You spilled your fears, and we were so proud of you…

Because we want our limited editions to help you believe in yourself.  

It’s even one of our team goals. 

For us, everything needs to have a higher meaning” – our CEO Michal wrote. 

(at 2 am drinking ginger tea & doing bicep curls…)

Now our goal is to help you act on this bravery. 

Our heroes-themed limited edition box rose from *literal* flames. 

With a single mission. Just like Khaleesi (minus the murderous impulses LULE).

  • To focus on your potential, 
  • Discover your superpower, 
  • And help you make a difference. 

With some of the most insane, action-packed art known to man. 

Not just on our bottle cover. 

  • Constant posts on our socials with inspirational & heroic-themed content. 
  • And our painfully-researched guide to help you find your superpower (coming this week!)

What are you waiting for? You want us to keep going on?

Go! Become a Hero! Go Make a Difference!

And we’ll be here. For when the moment comes and you take that extra step. 

To answer the call. 

And be the superhero we know you are (we left a space just for you among our MADMONQ heroes). 

Stay awesome, 

The Superpower Seekers of MADMONQ®

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