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It’s sold out, and our website crashed. Whoopsie Daisy. But hey, if you’re lucky, you can still win one by getting the ZOMBIE BUNDLE!

Wicked. Limited. A unique state-of-the-art zombie buddy. A tool that we hope will drastically improve your odds of survival… by helping you slice that post-apo lunchmeat or fix the plumbing system in your fallout shelter. Your call.


This masterpiece is a token of gratitude to our biggest fans. A true collector’s gem. Designed by the most disturbed visual engineers at MADMONQ®, hand-crafted by the DIY masters of plumbing and oozing with zombie-smashing charisma.

⚠️ Whoopsie Daisy is exclusively a collector’s item
⚠️ Please, use it with caution, and keep yourself and others safe
⚠️ If you choose to fix your plumbing system with it, we’re not responsible for any potential damages

There are only 10 pieces for sale. The remaining 10 pieces go to randomly selected individuals who purchased (or will purchase) the Limited ZOMBIE BUNDLE by Thursday, November 2.

We will start sending orders on November 6, 2023.

Please note that we can only ship WHOOPSIE DAISY within the EU.

2.5 kg of certified steel (we never actually measured it)
Unique 5-alloy structure
Red valve detail to ensure post-apo swag
Each piece is as unique and gentle as a snowflake
Extra comfy handle with non-slip grip
Custom design 180° circular-saw blade
Legendary item (we made 20, but only 10 are for sale)