Limited. Exclusive. Apocalypse-ready.

Autumn is here. Fatigue, viruses, that universal « I can’t even » vibe and the only thing that keeps us from joining the zombie apocalypse is pumpkin spice latte.

Meet your antidote for the unavoidable undead transformation – The Limited Zombie Bundle.

Mad Max, post-apo, zombie-themed packaging.

MADMONQ® (limited edition design)
Whether you’re gaming, studying, grinding, or crafting some homemade power armor, we’re here to help you outplay the apocalypse. Protect your brain cells from being eaten by fatigue and become wasteland’s ultimate badass.

CHAMPION (limited edition design)
Amp up that vitality, supercharge your inner alpha, and own this apocalyptic circus. No fungus-infested rotter will mess with your supercharged immunity.

UV light (there’s more than meets the eye)
« When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light. » Well, classic light apparently won’t help you much, as probably all Fireflies are dead by now. But UV light? That’s a whole different story. Uncover the undead secrets with the included UV light.

Walking MAD patch
Pop it on your jacket and blind every zombie wannabe with the ultimate iron-on Walking MAD patch.

How to iron it?
Place it on a flat surface, set the iron to 160-180°C and iron it for about 3 minutes. Then wait for a moment (it needs to cool down), and you’re done. Good job!

Breathe in, 1-2-3-4. Breathe out, 1-2-3-4. Check the perimeter and supplement like there is no tomorrow (which is very likely).

Protection from being eaten alive by fatigue
Immunity hazmat suit against all that autumn sniffles
Post-apo design that we really killed
Signature Walking MAD patch
Secret UV light
Exclusive collector's edition