From darkness into the light: the end of our limited edition

We’re not a brand that brings new products to the market every month. Or races to introduce new flavors.

We see the added value in quality, not quantity.

So, when our stonks department came with the idea of making a limited edition, we said: why?

For us everything needs to have a higher meaning. Be it motivation, inspiration, helping you overcome the hardships of ELO hell or at least making you laugh and lift your mood.

We knew we needed to work hard to make our first limited edition something special. Something raw. We worked hard to create something that could make a difference, not just a nice package with a different design.

Our limited edition became a statement to the whole gaming community. It became a symbol, that when we’re facing challenges we have to fight and don’t give up.

Because life is not all moonlight and roses.


Because every fight we overcome, we build a stronger character. Because the harder the enemy, the more XP you get.

Our partnered streamers became the heroes of our #darkmonqstories campaign. They showed true balls and talked about the dark sides of their lives.  They chose to do so to show everyone  that we all have to go through the darkness sometimes. So we can come to the light and shine even brighter.

Your feedback was unbelievable. YOU decided to share your stories with us, and with the world. More and more streamers joined the discussion.

And boy did we cry.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are happy to be a part of this incredible community.

To finish things off, we put together a short tribute video for everyone who’s still searching for their inner strength to shine.

So much has been said, so much has been shared. It was nearly impossible to compress it into one short video. Be sure to check out uncut versions of streamer talks:

The limited edition sold out, the campaign ended. But it’s important that the message lives on.

Our promise to you is that we will continue to inspire you along the way to YOUR victory. Whatever that means to you and whichever game you’re playing. Even the ultimate game of life.

As a memorial of the dark limited edition, starting now, we are putting exclusive dark’n’shiny stickers into packages.

Keep on shining!

Motivational speakers of MADMONQ

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