Because dark moments give you the strength to shine. #darkmonqstories

We love video games.

We play them, we watch them, we live them.

And even though we’re primarily a health brand, we’ve always tried to use our communication to spread joy, silliness, and awareness.

Yet as a brand, we have to level up, too.

From now on, we’re going to try and share some more important stuff. We might not nail it every time – but we promise to give it our best shot.

So… Let’s talk about streaming. It’s not all fun and games. Sure, we love to watch our favorite characters laugh and cheer with the community.

But there is also the other side.

The side we’re unable to see through the screen – and it’s linked to our dark personal stories. And let’s face it. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. We all know this. We’ve all felt it. The failure, the loneliness, the uncertainty.

It can be a dark place.

When you find yourself in such a place, it’s crucial you remember to stay open and not shut down. It’s crucial to speak.

And that’s what we’re doing now.

Our dark limited edition is not just a different design. It is our statement to the whole gaming community. It is our reminder, that when we’re facing challenges we have to fight and don’t give up.

Because the harder the enemy, the more XP you get. The harder the road, the faster you level up.

This dark limited edition is a promise of a better tomorrow. And it’s a symbol of our fights to become stronger IRL characters.

We bring you 5 personal stories of famous Czech streamers, who weren’t afraid to share their dark moments.

And if you find yourself in a dark place, remember, you are not alone. Feel free to open up and share your story! #darkmonqstories

Because dark moments give us the strength to shine.









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