#MADMONQART: Wake up your inner artist

July 4th is an important day. A day we shall remember.

But not because it’s Independence day or Independence From Meat Day, Jackfruit Day, Caesar Salad Day, Spareribs Day, Barbecue Day and Build A Scarecrow Day at the same time Wait, do these people party together

This date bears a much higher significance.

July 4th, 1995 is the day Bob Ross passed away. 

He was a legend. And we are firm believers that it’s important to remember this man’s legacy. Celebrate it and honor it. He was much more than an artist, he was a philosopher who showed us we can learn, make mistakes, try again and practice while keeping a smile on our face.

If you somehow didn’t know, Bob Ross was a painter who in the 80s created an iconic instructional TV show about painting (you can watch a marathon of it every weekend on Twitch). You knew that? Ok. But what you didn’t know was that he served as a Master Sergeant while in the U.S. Air Force.   

Alright, back to art expression.

Why do we talk about it? 


The act of artistic expression, be it in the form of painting, drawing, or pretty much doing anything visual, has the ability to boost your mental health. 

The “interesting” art we were creating in class, subsequently confiscated by offended angry teachers, wasn’t such a waste of time after all. 

For starters, expressing yourself visually is a great way to kick stress out of the door by immersing you and letting you “forget” about stressors (IRL or ”lag” in game).

The positives don’t end there. Art encourages and improves creativity, which doesn’t come in handy only when you paint or draw, but helps you solve problems by thinking outside of the box. It is a neat skill to have, especially when all your noob friends in squad died (again) and you have to carry their sorry asses to victory (again). 

Another very cool aspect that comes with drawing is the effects it can have on memory. 

Drawing or painting makes recalling information, especially the visual type, more effective. Plus, it may act as a mechanism that proves to be efficient in prevention of memory degradation.

There’s also a whole field of psychotherapy that uses art to help people suffering from illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. It bears pretty much a self-explanatory name – art therapy. Artistic expression was shown to enhance communication and brain function.

We hear you: “That’s cool and all, but unless Adobe gets Photoshop and Illustrator on Steam with 80% sale, I’m not interested.”


But we’ve got great news – no need to close CS:GO to shoot up some masterpieces.

And mastering a new ability is always an achievement-worthy moment.


To honor art, we hired top creatives to help us make this week’s customer experience even more stellar.

For a limited time, you can get an original, MAD piece of art drawn on a pack and delivered straight to your door directly from our office. Completely free of charge.

So, how to get yours?

Simple. Buy MADMONQ any time from July 4th to July 8th (2021) and LEAVE US A NOTE of what YOU wish our artists to draw on your box.

Go crazy, go super-weird. We are ready.


Every order contains our limited, one-of-a-kind collector’s coloring book (Mandala-style) with crayons that should help wake up the artist in you, one pattern at a time.

So, get ready to learn a new skill, the Bob Ross way.

“Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.”

― Bob Ross

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