MADMONQ® Merch Has Landed

Our super tasty, megahealthy energy tablet already boosts your brain for grueling gaming sessions, but we didn’t stop there – we’re invading your wardrobe, too! MADMONQ® merch has arrived.

And this isn’t just any merch. Like everything else we do, a lot of effort went into making sure the sweetest designs made it onto the highest quality materials.

MADMONQ® merch comes in extremely rare, limited editions. And when we say “rare” and “limited”, we mean it – some of your favorite streamers had to sweat it out at the gym just to get theirs. 

Check out MADMONQ®’s silky smooth, 0th edition cotton t-shirt by Jerry Kavan:

And that’s just the beginning. There is lots more sweet loot coming out soon for you to get your hands on, including some merch based on YOUR fanart!

That’s right – think you have a really badass idea for our merch? Post your best design on r/MADMONQ Reddit or on Instagram (#madmonqmerch) and your fanart might become our next 100-piece limited edition!

As we mentioned earlier, getting our merch won’t be easy, so when you see someone wearing it, you’ll know that that’s an official badass. And the coolest part is that yes, even a mere mortal like you will have a chance to get your hands on some. How? Sign up to our mailing and stay tuned.



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