BLAST Premier: Beat the pros results

BLAST Premier has come to an end. 

And we are proud to have been the health supplement partners of its Spring Season. It was a huge milestone for MADMONQ.

To celebrate the finals, we wanted to blow up a train, but Valve did it before us.

Instead, we fast-tracked a special browser game to give you an opportunity to measure your APM – an indicator of any professional CS:GO players‘ skill set. 

Huge thanks go to all 20,000 + of you who played the game, and special thanks to BLAST and some of the professional players who put their skills to the test (Rain from Faze Clan, K1TO from Berlin International Gaming – BIG, Brehze from Evil Geniuses, and our very own MADMONQ partner Styko from FunPlus Phoenix).

Let’s crunch the data.

Best pro players scored: 

Going through the data, we noticed something. The majority of the attempts had one thing in common – a lack of patience. 

It might sound cliché, but the stats don’t lie (most of the time). An average attempt time was only something over 2 minutes. 

As in many things in life, persistence and determination beats talent.

The best player scored 271 APM and it took him 5 hours of training.

Our Valve-inspired anticheat software detected nearly 100 hack attempts. We saw you, know your IPs and really appreciate the effort. 

Most of the players scored 117 APM, which is 3 points short of the free shipping threshold.

Only 4.1 % managed to score over 120 APM and get the well-earned free shipping.


Our country ranking AI did not do the greatest of jobs. One player single-handedly carried Svalbard and Jan Mayen to the top rank. If you’re drafting for the team, we recommend looking there.

Uganda scored a nice second, with 17 dedicated Ugandians. VI NEARLY VON ZULUL.

Iran’s third place was made possible by 3 participants.


If the BLAST Premier Spring Finals was decided by the fans’ APM, the final results would’ve been a different story.

Not counting ourselves , the team that came out victorious in our leaderboard was Evil Geniuses, with G2 Esports coming off second with just a .20 difference.

And BLAST Premier Spring Finals winner, Gambit, ended up in third place. Close enough.

IT WAS A BLAST. And see you next time?

Until then, we’re here to provide you with the best tools to help you improve your game. Not only with our kick-ass tablets, but also with our long-term mission.



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