Why Gaming Needs MADMONQ®, The Road To Healthier Gaming

“Wait, you make a pill… for gamers? Ummm… okay, that’s weird.” Very weird. We agree. But if you read on, you’ll realize that we had no choice.

Gaming is the world’s fastest-growing professional sport. See for yourself:

  1. 3.2x more people watched the LCS 2017 semifinal game than the NBA 2017 final.
  2. Prize money in esports increased 40x from $3m in 2010 to $121m in 2017.
  3. Team OG members each won $2.2m during the Tl 2018 compared to $107k for the 2018 Super Bowl winners.

And I’m willing to bet that these numbers are only the beginning. For one, Epic Games has pledged to provide $100m for Fortnite esports tournaments. This is bonkers.

Gaming Levels Up

But is it really that surprising? Gaming is awesome. I’ve been a gamer since I was 5 and currently have zero plans to quit anytime soon. Nothing truly compares to crushing your friends in a proper late-night gaming session. But imagine going a step further and letting gaming pay the bills. That’s simply a dream come true. And these days the dream is real. Competitive gaming got rid of the diapers and evolved into a professional entertainment industry. Crowds of fans now cheer on their teams in tournaments where spectator numbers reach millions. And with Olympic recognition also being debated, it’s clear that the world of competitive gaming continues to grow at a staggering pace.

But this growth is not without its pains.

The Big Why

My drive to develop MADMONQ® was born in 2015, when pharmaceuticals in gaming started making news. And not in a good way: gamers were abusing prescription medications. Yup. Prescription medications – stuff developed to treat mental disorders like ADHD and narcolepsy was being abused by healthy players to enhance their focus.

“Should healthy people use stuff like this recreationally?” – you ask. Good question. I strongly believe they shouldn’t.

Given where esports is moving, I understand the appeal of developing a competitive edge, but medications like these are certainly not the way to go. They are habit-forming and have the potential to wreak serious havoc on your brain chemistry, leaving you depressed, confused and, worst of all, addicted. This is especially true for younger players, whose minds are still developing. Reading about so many gamers and the reckless risks they were taking for better performance forced me to take a long, hard look at something the gaming world was ignoring. And what I found rocked me to the core.

Time to Face the Truth

As this young industry continues to grow, the culture and lifestyle around it has started to take shape. In my opinion, a lot of that is happening without much thought about long-term health. And since gaming still carries a heavy stigma with it, beliefs like the ones below are not helping.

MYTH: “What I stuff into my face doesn’t really matter and won’t affect my game.”

Every molecule in your brain came from something you ate or drank.

Eating a balanced diet ensures your body has the raw materials it needs to not only build and regenerate, but also to keep your reflexes sharp when precious milliseconds are standing between you and victory.

Let’s talk about sugar.

This topic is very dear to me as I started my career researching and educating people about the risks of shoving this stuff down their throats. Especially if you don’t get much physical exercise. Sugar has become the #1 health concern in many countries. It’s so serious that WHO (the World Health Organization) reduced the amount of recommended added sugar intake from 50 grams per day down to 25.

And that is big. A 500ml bottle of coke or orange juice has more than 50 grams, twice the recommended amount.

In esports, reaching for a sugary treat might seem like a good idea. You might get a quick burst of energy but trust me, your performance is better without it. Especially if you play in the big leagues, where your body needs to perform at its peak for long periods of time.

MYTH: “Sleep is for pussies. I’ll just sleep in over the weekend.”

No amount of sleep that you get “later” will make up for the bad sleeping habits you have now.

This is a scientific fact – quite a few studies have shown that neglecting sleep when you’re younger can screw up your sleep patterns for the rest of your life. And trust me, you don’t want that.

Sleep is amazing.

On top of keeping you peppy and fresh, it’s also directly connected to memory, digestive health, skin health, fat-loss and flushing nasty stuff from your body. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also when the brain strengthens the neural connections you use most (like those gaming strategies you were perfecting yesterday).

MYTH: “To improve, I just need to play more hours.”

The sleep myth and this one seem to be linked to the idea that non-stop gaming is the fastest way to become the best. Not true. Gaming is a sport, just like any other. Marathon runners don’t spend 24 hours a day running and football players certainly don’t spend every minute on the pitch. Elite athletes understand that it takes a lot of factors working in balance to reach the top. And gaming is no different – a smart training routine, diet, sleep, and regular, intentional exercise are all crucial. But with so much pressure to close the gap, running your body into the ground with non-stop training strategies and PEDs may seem like a valid option. The pros do it, right?

Well, not really.

What if I told you that many of world’s premiere gamers find their edge away from the computer? Check it out.

  1. Coldzera, inarguably one of the best CS:GO players in the world made fitness his priority.
  2. Pro teams are looking to player wellness to prevent burnouts.
  3. Nutrition is becoming a pillar topic in esports performance

The tasty purple pill

In order to perform at your best, challenging these assumptions and tackling them head on is crucial. Another part is having access to safe, effective and health-conscious products that will help you kick ass while improving your body in the process. My background in pharma put me in an ideal position to do just that.

And so, MADMONQ® the supplement was born!

And it tasted like feet… at least at first.

Then we went back to the drawing board 20+ more times and the result is our tasty supplement that immediately gets you back in the game and provides all kinds of health benefits. We not only wanted to give gamers access to the best product for energy and focus, we wanted to make sure their brains stayed healthy in the long-term, too.

MADMONQ® is packed with tons of natural superfood ingredients to help their brains stay on point. And the best part? No sugar crashes, no artificial colorants or flavorings and no preservatives.

But wait, there’s more …

Gaming is evolving. Joining the elite ranks now demands a lot more than just mindlessly hammering away at a keyboard. It means optimizing your body across multiple fronts. It means optimizing your body, diet, and routines, along with the way you learn and sleep. Your brain is your super-weapon but it is important to realize that it can only go as far as your body allows. And since the human body is perhaps the most complex machine in existence, no amount of supplements can do all the work.

That’s why at MADMONQ®, we promise to help you develop habits, tools, and routines that will push you towards being the best. Our brand will become your secret weapon to unprecedented performance. We’ll be your path to victory.

So stay tuned and stay awesome, friends.


By night a gaming junkie, by day in the pharma business – researching, developing, and testing some of the industry’s most innovative products.


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