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Speaking of swag for the end times…

Face the outbreak with some proper style and remember, if you turn into a zombie, that’s it. You wear the clothes forever.

Designed for the stylish survivor, our qrewneck not only offers comfort amidst the chaos but serves as a bold statement in these undead times. Emblazoned with the mantra « Never Look Back, » this piece ensures you’re outpacing the horde with flair.

Remember: zombies might crave brains, but they’ll never match your style.

  • Tailored fit for any zombie-dodging hero
  • Tough as your will, keeping you from the outside chills
  • So comfy even zombies want to cuddle

All dosimeters in the area will melt from your radiating charisma. Maybe you’ll even start your own cult.

The past is set. But the future? That’s where you come in. Time to roll up those sleeves and save the world.

Oh, and don’t forget to tell your mom to wash it inside out. These prints need to stay fresh.

Anti-bite technology - To keep those walkers away
Cutting-neck Green Line - in case you start craving brains
Never look back sign - it always has your back
Zombie camouflage - no need to cover yourself with guts
90% anti-mycellium organic cotton, 10% polyester
Apocalypse patch
Zombie fist sigil
Hoodless design - so zombies can't grab you