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The wait is over. The t-shirt of ALL t-shirts is here. Trust us, we learned how to make t-shirts just to bring this one to life. Months of learning and testing. We’re pretty confident that we’d have a degree in “kick-ass fashion” by now (if that were a thing).

They came out even better than in our dreams, with hand-picked materials (not from your mom’s garage) and a minimal design so perfect you can wear it every day (just don’t forget to wash it).

Our HANDS UP Victory Protection™  uses 6 key measurements to make sure your fist-pumping victories don’t expose your belly. And even though most brands only use synthetic mixtures, we used 100% of the highest quality cotton and then added an enzymatic finish (we basically made soft even softer).

Our eyes never left our materials (we stalked them, factory → our door)
100% highest quality cotton that remains airy and soft
8 months of R&D (say goodbye to “merch” as you know it)
Crowd-sourced measurements for flawless fit
Super soft enzymatic finish (we went through hundreds of materials)
Sewn logo for a minimalistic, timeless feel (take that Ralph Lauren)
*HANDS UP* VICTORY PROTECTION™ for optimal belly safety