This item is exclusive to Path of the Monq subscribers.

You asked, and we delivered. The exclusive, long-awaited T-shirt is here.

The one-and-only cotton armor, exclusively crafted for the members of the Path of the Monq club with the design you chose.

Say hello to the POTM 2.0 COMMUNITY T-SHIRT.

We know you want only the ultimate comfort for your legendary adventures. That’s why we’ve handpicked a cut and material that you’re familiar with, tailored to perfection.

Feast your eyes (and skin) on this: 95% cotton, 5% recycled plastic, tailored to the feedback from the whole community. And for that extra touch of luxury, we’ve treated it with a special enzyme, making it softer than other T-shirts.

With the Monq design guarding your chest, the Path of the Monq just got a major style upgrade.

Get ready to rock it!

95% organic cotton
5% recycled PET
Super soft enzymatic finish
Limited - only for subscribers
MADMONQ® logo on the back
Unique design voted by subscribers