You’ve got a great nose for EPIC xmas gifts.

Natural. Limited. Divinely fragrant. Let us introduce to you: THE QANDLE.

The first and only candle that has the ability to illuminate your path to pure energy, enlightenment and confidence. For times when all your RGB fails, Qandle is your beacon of light.




Some say lighting Qandle unlocked their 3rd Eye (no Ayahuasca needed). Others that it helped clear their mind and get into the zone. Our limited edition Qandle is the ultimate tool to upgrade our mental performance.

Get ready to be absorbed by the smell of the tall Sequoia trees or the deep pine forests of the north. The best smells are carefully created by the alchemists from the French city of Grasse, aka "The Perfume Capital of the World. With renewable soy wax from Sweden (the same wax makers who make Yankee Candle) that burns longer with 0 petro-carbon emission to keep pollution out of your brain.

QANDLE will illuminate and scent your gaming lair for approx. 40 hours, which in the Tibetan language translates into 160 solid meditation sessions, while maintaining the strict IFRA certification. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, anybody?

  • Natural, Steam-Distilled Fragrances from “The Perfume Capital of the World”

  • 100% natural Swedish soy wax with 0 petro-carbon emission

  • Cotton Wick for longer burn (John Wick’s less popular cousin)

  • 40 hours flame time (or 160 meditation sessions)

  • IFRA Certified Components

  • Turns into mini-flowerpot (we recommend getting a cactus)

  • Guided Meditation Sessions

Matches Attached

Light up Qandle the old-school way with in-box matches

Mind of Steel

Breathe in, breathe out. Turn your mind into that guy that is capable of pulling trucks with his teeth. With QANDLE, nothing stands in your way to chop up challenges like a barbarian wielding two-axes in a Sequoia forest.

1. Become Meta

Become Meta

See your challenges from a new perspective - then crush them. Release your mind and discover what’s beyond your own potential.

2. Rise Above

Rise Above

Your new favorite spot? Outside your body. Close your eyes, dive deep into your senses. You are on top of a mountain and your mind is as fresh as a breeze over a Shaolin temple.

3. Achieve Zen Focus

Achieve Zen Focus

Look into the flame. Let the forest fill you with power. The new ritual will help you bridge the gap between what you want and what you get.

Every now and then we all need help getting in the zone. Listen to Qandle Meditation Playlist on Spotify to relax, clear your mind, and focus during your meditation sessions with Qandle (certified by our own Monqs)

Meditate with our playlist



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1x Madmonq®

1x Champion

1x XMAS Qandle



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Give the perfect gift for your nose and brain at once (no, not the Narcos kind). Grab Qandle, MADMONQ®, and CHAMPION in our ultimate Xmas Bundle. Includes essential tools, like our personal MADMONQ® guide to meditation and matches to light Qandle (or fireworks... up to you).