Return of the MADMONQ® PARTY 3.0: Elite Subscription Club & Elite Dance Moves


This has been our mantra these past months.

We’ve really focused on bringing MORE.

MORE of our top-quality that we make sure is hand-in-hand with the name MADMONQ®. 

MORE EZ ggs.

MORE chances to come together, which we made a reality with this year’s kick-ass MADMONQ® party (full story & photos on that below – safe to say, it was).

And WAY MORE MADMONQ®, with our brand’ spanking new PATH OF THE MONQ Elite Subscription Club

“Everyone and everything, including my Chihuahua has a subscription now, what’s so special about yours?”.

We were falling asleep while studying the thousands of subscription services out there – so we crafted the entire club on YOUR reviews & comments from the past year instead of copying the norm.

Receive monthly auto-delivery, exclusive drop accesses, and merch discounts + MORE we explain below.

The biggest MADMONQ® party of the year is also the best time to personally show our appreciation for your love and support. 

And we take it very seriously. So seriously, that even if lockdowns return in 2022 we’re building 1:1 holograms of Michal and Petr to visit you in your homes, so no need to worry.

That’s why we’ve poured our blood, sweat, and tears over months for our Elite Subscription Club. We think of it as a love letter from us to you (with an insane amount of perks) to keep us running uphill higher than Mount Chiliad till we all collapse. It’s also an awesome way for you to continue supporting us on our mission to make gaming healthier. 


For EVERYONE who subscribes in September 2021 and rides with us for a mad 12-straight months, we’re hosting a special MADMONQ® party just for you! We can already picture entering the mosh pit with you next year.

Another kick-ass perk is our PillBox, included in every first subscription order (while supplies last). This legendary piece of equipment is waterproof (we tested it), heat resistant up to 615 °C  (no idea when this may come in handy), and has max 33% impact absorption to combat fracturing – and even we don’t know what that means.

And we’re already planning a super-cool October surprise (*cough* extra manly limited edition *cough*) which all subscribers will receive automatically in their order… more on that later.

Chill, son! Time to get back to the party. 

  • 50,000+ people joined us online
  • Over 40 top stars attended from the gaming entertainment business, 
  • 5 MADMONQ® award winners, 
  • 3 fiercely competing Subomat teams

and 1 on-stage shaved head (they say repeating the same joke kills the fun, but we don’t agree). 

Xnapy lended us his luscious voice and took over the livestream, even though inside he was feeling the same as our team:

After our founder Michal announced the new feature updates, the only thing left to present were our official MADMONQ® awards to a few amazing members of our community. 

  • Agraelus awarded for Sellout of the Year
  • Kuru awarded for Inspiration of the Year
  • Duklock awarded for Surprise of the Year
  • LastGameBlitz awarded for Support of the Year
  • Artix awarded for Sweetheart of the Year

Subomat was a bloodbath. Many friendships were ruined, and from them new enemies were created. But boy, was it worth the fun.

Although the clear winners were those joining us from home on TWITCH (we made it even harder for them to think of answers with some audio-distortion…totally on purpose….).

Our trolling masterpiece, Out of Luck, Forsen video was played on the big screen. Let us tell you: hearing “Your Mom!” get yelled over techno beats in a royal theatre? Our moms would be proud (we sure shed a few tears). 

After all that excitement, we were pretty motivated to bust some moves we’d been practicing in our bedroom during lockdown. Safe to say, Corona didn’t help us level up in “dance off”. 

You can catch more of our sweet, sweet moves in our official recap video.

Here are the numbers.

While Herdyn, Rob, and Artix were showing their moves on the dance floor, the party online was close to 1000x larger (no ).

During the entire party we had:

  • 6+ hours stream time
  • 145k+ total views 
  • 50,000+ unique viewers
  • 17,000+ peak viewers
  • 9000+ new followers on our channels.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you. While we work hard to make it easier to commit to a healthier way to play, we couldn’t get as far as we have without YOU – those who support us day in & day out. 

Trust us. You can still expect tons of awesome, community-oriented stuff on the horizon. 

But for now, time to get back to preparing our Autumn new releases…

Peace out.

Here’s where we like to play…




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