BIG BOOM BATTY: what it’s like to work at MADMONQ

(FYI, we’re still giving away BATTIES until October 5th. Get lucky and win yours just by ordering some MADMONQ. If this ain’t the perfect time to refill, we don’t know what is.)

DISCLAIMER: This is an authentic confession by our project manager, who is at this very moment, on a journey to find inner peace in a monastery deep in the jungles of Myanmar.

“Bois – the remake of Mafia is coming out September 25th! What’s the plan? We got about 2 weeks. I’m thinking – t-shirts. Nice design, nice materials, no stress. Who’s with me?

WHAT? It’s not “MADMONQ magic” enough? Do it again and do it better ? The community deserves the best, I know. No, of course we don’t wanna create stuff. I’m just saying that… t-shirts.

Wait… what? The baseball bats were not a joke? You really want to make a limited edition MADMONQ baseball bat? Uhm… Ok! No job is impossible. Let me go and find someone who can get us 100 bats in two weeks.

Guys, I’ve got the first sample here! What do you think? Too short, eh?

Guys… come and check out this second sample! What do you think now? The founder screams: “What the **** is that? Not even CzechCloud’s arm is this thin!

Guys… you can’t be serious. You’re telling me, you really want to create custom bats… from a piece of real wood? From the forest? Bruh, I’m pretty sure it isn’t April fools today. You can’t really… think… Oh, you ARE serious. Well, let me get to work.

So, I called roughly a million carpenters in Czechia and Slovakia. Nobody knows how to do baseball bats. Remember the t-shirt? There is still time.

A sudden spark of hope! This dude Lekeš called me . He knows a guy who knows a guy who can get some proper wood from Germany. Also the guy’s friend knows this guy called Zdenda who thinks he can do it..

Zdenda? Hi, yea, it’s me. Yes, the baseball bats. Yes, you heard well. One week. Yup, that’s normal. Really? You’ll do it anyway ? Awesome! We’ll send the design over straight away. Also, Zdenda, you’re the man.

Zdenda is the man.

Zdenda? We checked the sample you sent us. It’s really nice. We might need to tweak the shape a little bit. A broader head, that’s where the money is . Can you do it by tomorrow ? Hellooo?

Zdenda? The logo should not be a sticker. We want lasers . Zdenda? Are you there?

Zdenda truly is the man.

Guys, let’s move. We gotta be at Zdenda’s in an hour. He’s got it done . The first 32 bats. We gotta check ‘em out and start shipping. Oh – I just wanted to tell you, if the bats don’t meet the MADMONQ quality standards, well….. We’re screwed because we don’t have enough time for the t-shirts


Zdenda proves yet again he is the man for the job.

Shipping? Did the streamers get the BATTIES in time? That SOB ArcadeBulls is leaking the bat since the morning . CzechCloud is already unboxing the bat ? Agraelus is giving it away as a prize for his upcoming charity stream with Dan Vávra!

Guys, everyone is loving the bat! Instagram is rollin’, total hype!

Wait, did we make photos? Is our site live? We go live at 21:00 sharp. What’s the time right now, anyway? What day is it?

When’s the last time I slept?

21:03 the bats are SOLD OUT. 3 minutes?! This is crazy. Well,  I still got time to catch that evening flight to Myanmar.

This project was too crazy. BIG BOOM BATTY sold out before we could say: “Ciao bella”. Our thanks goes to you. Thank you. Congratulations to the proud new members of the La MONQ famiglia. May the BIG BOOM BATTY serve you well (as a decoration).

Benvenuto nella MONQ famiglia!

Godfathers of MADMONQ

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