Meet The Friendly Face of Czech Twitch – Oldřich “ArcadeBulls” Štěrba

Oldřich Štěrba is one busy guy.

On top of being ArcadeBulls, one of the Czech Republic’s superstar Twitch streamers (playing on average five days a week and up to five hours a day), this guy’s also a father, a husband and still somehow finds room for a full-time day job.

Now you might be thinking: how the heck does someone find the motivation and drive to take on that much stuff day after day??
(We were convinced it was the beard!)

But Oldřich’s answer is pretty simple, actually: his community.

Oldřich’s legions of fans know him as Bejk, the gruffly bearded streamer with the entertaining facial expressions and amusing battle cries. Seriously, just try not to imagine him in a Viking helmet (with horns, of course), charging towards a chest of something shiny!

It’s easy to understand Oldřich’s appeal and why he’s the most featured streamer on Twitch’s homepage. Beyond being ridiculously fun to watch, Oldřich is also extremely interactive with his fans, or as he calls them, his « Komoonita« .

And with an average of 500 viewers at any time, but a whopping 1300 subscribers, you can feel the love!

Komoonita touch points:


What are 3 things you absolutely MUST do to build a strong community?

1. Be consistent: Regularity helps people know when they can come catch your stream and have fun with the other people watching.

2. Keep your promises: If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Some people out there plan their will plan their days around your stream and it’s important to respect that.

3. Adopt an on-screen persona if you want, but don’t be a hypocrite: This goes back to consistency and creating expectations in your audience. Give them a good idea of what to expect from you when they log on. That will keep them coming back and staying active.

The heated discussions. The occasional pranks. The offline Twitch BBQs. The strong emphasis on building relationships with new fans and making sure everyone feels welcome. All of it hammers home just how much that idea of community drives everything that Oldřich does.

As for game preference, Oldřich chooses to keep things fresh and lively, putting a lot of thought into which games to play and when. From the hottest new releases to the quirkiest, cringiest classics, his main goal is to keep things interesting and everyone entertained.

What’s the worst advice you’ve heard about how to build a streaming community?

“Do or play what others want.” Asking for feedback and listening to it is important, but the core and general direction should be what YOU want. At the end of the day, it’s supposed to be fun for everyone, yourself included.

In addition to his own crew of followers, Oldřich also put together AMICIS, a Twitch team of like-minded streamers dedicated to spreading that idea of “Komoonita” even further. “I’m all for cooperation if it makes sense or is natural way of expanding friendship,” he explains. “All my partners came from some kind of personal contact and friendship.

And just like any strong friendship and community, Oldřich’s following stands by one another even in hard times. Twitch saw this most notably when AMICIS banded together to raise 400,000 CZK (over 15,000 Euro) in a single day for a member whose father had recently suffered a major heart attack.

« It’s a tremendous feeling, really, » Oldřich said. « Seeing just how strong, functional and motivated this community has become, and using that energy to help an entire family get through some of life’s struggles.

What traits have helped you most in building “Komoonita”?

Aspiring high, staying real. And discipline, too. In the end we are all still gamers, which makes us F*CKIN’ lazy, dude. But you won’t make it if you lose to the laziness. Feel free to quote me on that.



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