7 Healthy Gifts Gamers Actually Want (You’ll Want These For Yourself)

Christmas gift-giving for gamers smashes open a pinata of emotions.

What if you… 

Think of a video game your friend just may like… only to receive a sheepish smile and a ‘gee, thanks…’? 

(Unless it’s God of War, which everyone likes, ofc).

Or, can tell they loathe your Christmas gift, and now your friendship is over?!?

Giving a gamer a Christmas gift can feel like it’s doomed to fail, even if you consider yourself highly creative.

If you ask us… 

You can either channel Auguste Comte and take on an altruistic approach, shifting focus from the outcome and placing it on the action itself = giving.

A method that removes the pressure to perform and turns gift-giving into a chance to bond. (Because truly understanding their gaming hobby is the greatest gift of all). 

Or you can rely on our healthy Xmas gift guide, curated by gamers for gamers.

Pssst… The latter will earn you the title ‘Amazing Detective-Slash-Genius’ and strengthen your relationship.
Besides, giving a healthy gift, you tell your gamer friend: ‘hey… I get you. And I care for you so much that I want you to be healthy so you can play even more.

7 Xmas Health Gifts & Gadgets for High-Performing Gamers (That They’ll Remember for YEARS)


Gamers’ health is extremely neglected.

Not only that…

If you’re a gamer wanting to support functions that get bad effects from gaming, like: 

  • Low focus and mood
  • Sleep deprivation 
  • Worsening eyesight 
  • Joint pain

… then you have to take A LOT of different supplements, easily spending 100+ € monthly, taking 3+pills daily and googling for hours, just to make sure the ingredients are high-quality and active = gamer gets proper nutrition

With our MADMONQ® and CHAMPION this becomes a thing of the past.

Because gamers have more important tasks to focus on. Like defeating Draugr.

MADMONQ® is a nootropic that naturally boosts energy (like an energy drink minus the jittery feelings), and includes a combination of caffeine, tea extracts, amino acids and adaptogenic herbs to improve brain performance. 

Whereas CHAMPION is a health supplement that fills over 30 nutritional deficiencies commonly faced by gamers and their bodies. 

Packed with 24+ nutrients like plant, herb, and fruit extracts, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins, CHAMPION helps support body balance, vitality and immunity. 

Help a gamer slay their long-term health (and ranks), and you’ll be BFFs for life. 

P.S. For a limited time, you can also get a cool XMAS bundle with a truly HEARTCORE gift 💜


‘Why do I feel so shitty all the time?’ 

#1 reason: your sleep’s messed up. 

The older you are, the less and worse you sleep.

And with many important processes happening in your body and brain when you sleep, like cell reparation and energy restoration, you can’t afford to sleep poorly. 

Because if you experience low-quality sleep for a prolonged time, not only will you never feel well-rested, but you’ll actually risk damaging your health. 

Since we can’t guess our sleep time (we can only measure our time in bed, not actual sleep), we need a companion… To tell us when our sleep is poor and affects our performance. 

The OURA ring will become the Sam to any gamer’s Frodo — a loyal companion that gives the wearer deep insights. (About their sleep, not how to tackle the journey to Mount Doom).  

The ring will tell you how well you slept last night, basing your score on how long you’ve slept in each stage, your temperature and heart rate. 

You can also tell if a specific activity, like a late coffee, will affect your sleep quality.

The OURA ring is by far the best for tracking sleep… A great, but expensive gift for data geeks, whereas the cheaper option is Fitbit. (Yes, we know because we’ve tried both). 

Help a gamer optimize their sleep with either, and you’ll keep them healthier for longer. (So you can create even more memories together).  

P.S. Half our office uses the OURA ring and we track and measure almost everything. It’s quite fun to start your day with « What is your readiness today? »

P.P.S. Our founder Michal has a referral code + discount for you


Know a late night gamer?

A new parent?

Or perhaps a shift worker?

Then you’ve probably heard them complain about one of the following things: 

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Negative moods and irritability 
  • Headaches, illnesses, pain, migraine

This is what a disturbed sleeping schedule may lead to…

To mend this, we recommend sleeping in complete darkness. You’ll fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep. (Thanks to speeding up melatonin production). 

The thing is, many people (85+%) don’t sleep in total darkness… 

Not sleeping in the dark, you’ll risk waking up in the middle of the night more frequently, which leads to the start of cortisol production (= ‘the wake up hormone’). 

This can confuse the body and give you trouble falling asleep again.

The Manta 100% blackout sleep mask helps with this and is also great for traveling and napping. 

(Most of our team members have it… and we wouldn’t want to know how our morning meetings would go without it). 

Give the gift of great sleep and your gamer will be your friend FOREVER. (Complement the gift with a half heart pendant to make things official).


Got a gamer friend that plays (too much) SKYRIM?

Tempt them with one of the weapons in the game: the mace.

Because why give normal weights like a normal person when you can give a hammer?

They’ll appreciate you for giving them this super cool weapon used in many games, and bringing them out onto the real-world battlefield to conquer challenges and defeat dangers.

But first, make sure they watch The Flowing Dutchman, so they learn the magnificent art of swinging a mace. 

Why a mace? Aside from the fact that weights are kinda lame…

EZ. The benefits of swinging a mace are far superior, ‌providing: 

  • A stronger core, stability and wielding power
  • Better shoulder strength and mobility
  • More dynamic total body strength and rhythmic movement 
  • A more powerful grip (greater accuracy in Halo)

Why not get two and practice together? Your special bond (and muscles) will grow bigger, better, and stronger.  

Bonus tip: Don’t buy a too big-headed mace.


This is probably the most overlooked gift for a gamer, because you know how easy it’s for them to forget to hydrate.

Besides, it’s vital to hydrate, helping to: 

  • deliver nutrients to cells
  • keep organs functioning properly
  • prevent infections
  • and keep joints lubricated

What type of water bottle should you get? 

We say: ‘The bigger the better.’

Like the 1.9L jug from Under Armour. 

So your gamer friend can fill it once and never miss precious game time running back and forth fetching water from the kitchen. 

(They’re way too busy crossing treacherous waters in-game).

Give a gamer a BIG bottle of water and they’ll remember your kindness with each sip.


A gamer’s setup is probably the biggest influence on their mindset.

And they don’t even think about it = GREAT GIFT OPPORTUNITY. 

A purifying plant not only cozies up the space, it helps keep your gamer friend refreshed and able to breathe better as they play their favorite games. 

The geniuses at NASA have confirmed that common indoor plants help remove benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde (toxic compounds present in modern life) from the air we breathe.

2x promising purifying plants are: 

  • The Golden Pothos (NASA dude Bill Wolverton’s recommendation)
  • A snake plant (our founder Michal’s favorite. Only needs water every 2 weeks)

Keep in mind… 

The plants can only work their magic if they’re in places with less airflow.

If there are too many doors opening and closing–revitalized air coming in and stale air leaving–your plants won’t have much chance to purify a stable environment.

Bonus tip: Make the gift more personal by giving the plant a name (like Albus Percival Wulfric Brian), a personality and ‘how to care for Albus’ instructions scribbled on a fancy card. 


Don’t let wrist fatigue slow your gamer down.

The wrist takes a lot of pressure from prolonged hours of gaming, which can lead to developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Deltahub Carpio G2.0 wrist rest (used by top gamers and employees at Apple) helps prevent this by:

  • Lifting the wrist, keeping it in a natural position 
  • Not pressuring the wrist, hence not slowing down blood supply
  • Allowing you to move your arm with it = not causing more stress to wrist 

Plus, it’ll help your gamer look a little badass… They’ll appreciate getting their very own wrist armor. 
Bonus points: ideally, when giving the gift, you’ll kneel before your gamer, hold the gift above your head, and say something inspirational like: ‘the mind needs books like the wrist needs rest. Use it well.’

Ready to win the title ‘Raddest Gift Giver?’ 

You can thank us later by taking a picture of your gamer’s gift and sharing it on our Discord. 

Stay awesome, 

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