We never had anything more luxurious for you than this li’l bottle of KDA

Anything MADMONQ® is fancy, we hear you say. And yeah, that’s a pretty solid argument.

But there is one thing other products don’t have.

An ingredient whose 1kg costs as much as a brand new Maserati, a small house, or a 1996 Pokémon card. 

We’re talking about vitamin K2 (MK-7) – a key component of our new KDA, which is found in plants or produced by intestinal bacteria…. okay, this description doesn’t sound very premium. But wait. That’s not all.

As with everything we do, we never settle for the average. And our new KDA spray is no exception. 

Because if we want you to be always at your best, we too have to deliver the best we can. That’s our commitment to all our customers and members of our legendary community. And what makes MADMONQ®… MADMONQ®.

So we did our homework and sent our Vitamin Expeditionary Force deep into uncharted territory to find the holy grail of vitamins.

Decisive factors:

  • Quality
  • Suppliers
  • Stability of substances

And with zero casualties, they returned from the quest with exactly what we needed.

An epic combo of vitamins K2, D, and A,

serving as an everyday lubricant for your superpowers and a perfect companion to current MADMONQ® and CHAMPION hexablets.

The finest K2 in the world

This brings us back to K2, which we will now break down into molecules. Literally.

The K2 in KDA is not just any K2. Sounds cliche, we know. But it truly is caviar among other K2s. Without exaggeration, you can go as far as to say it’s the best K2 in the world.

Meet K2VITAL®, made by the Norwegian company Kappa Bioscience, which also patented it. And for a good reason. Their K2 (MK-7) is 99.7% stable, so its effects and functions do not decrease over time, and on top of that, it is identical to the K2 molecule found in natural sources. Translation: It is perfectly absorbable by the body and thus can be easily and fully utilized.

K2 plays an important role in bone health, heart health, and blood clotting regulation. Long story short, it’s super important for your body.

Healthy bones & good mood with D3

Another member of this ultimate triumvirate is vitamin D3, which is lacking in most human populations and therefore needs to be regularly supplemented. 

D3 is fat-soluble (so nothing for Knut), and our skin synthesizes it when exposed to sunlight. D3 is a natural form produced by our body (unlike other forms of vitamin D) and brings many benefits to the table. From bone health to good mood all the way to an important role in many hormonal processes.

“A” will get under your skin

The brutally efficient duo of vitamins K2 and D3 is joined by the last member of the party – vitamin A, which provides an additional boost and serves as a key player in supporting immunity, skin health, vision, and other vital body processes.

Together, this synergistic combination of vitamins morphs into your trusty wingman that’ll be by your side whenever you need a complex immunity boost.

You may be wondering – why didn’t we choose the good ol’ pills this time and instead went for a spray in a small, elegant bottle? The answer is simple. Compactness.

To create a packaging that could fit such an elephant dose of pills, we would have to make a bucket the size of an average boiler, and we felt like you wouldn’t want to drag that around.

However, if you do aspire to become a bodybuilder with calves as big as a skyscraper, we sincerely apologize.

The compact KDA packaging contains 420 daily doses, so you can massage your immunity with MCT oil for over a year. Which is, dare we say, brutal for such a small bottle. 

Dosage: 1 spray = 1 dose

And one more important thing.

KDA spray is not available for purchase separately.

It is only available as an exclusive FREE gift for new subscribers.

So let’s summarize.

  • Legendary combination of vitamins K2, D3, and A
  • Over a year’s supply with 420 doses
  • Extra immunity booster
  • Supports healthy bones, vision, blood circulation, and skin
  • Works perfectly with MADMONQ® and CHAMPION
  • Ultimate boost for your KDAs
  • Only available as an extra gift for subscribers

We definitely recommend claiming it right now because if you don’t, it may be too late.

Are you ready to turn your immunity into an overpowered beast?

Stay awesome.

Your brothers from other mothers…in a spray.

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