LOOT & REWARDS – Awesome Stuff For Loyal Fans

There is no question you deserve to be rewarded for your continuous support to us.

Locked away in our Monastery for weeks, we devised a system that serves exactly this purpose. Introducing: MADMONQ LOOT & REWARDS

This system builds on Qoins.

Qoins are MADMONQ exclusive currency that you can earn and trade once you set up your own personal profile.

Qoins unlock exclusive gifts (available only in your profile),  earn you ranks and you can use them at the checkout to shave off a couple of real $ from your order *cha-ching*


Enter Eqoinomics 101.


Each pack earns you 1 Qoin.

  • Qoins are added automatically to your profile 3 days after the package has been delivered to your address

2) Share your OWN personal link

Sharing is caring. If you love MADMONQ, your friends will love it too. Supercharge your Qoin economy by sharing your own personal link with your dearest. For each order made by your friends through your link, you earn 1 Qoin.


3) Tell us more about yourself

Complete your profile, subscribe and earn them extra Qoins. And maybe, just maybe, become eligible for a birthday gift *wink* *wink*.

4) Give us a review 

Your feedback is super valuable to us. Naturally, we want to reward you for taking your precious time off gaming to give us those shiny review stars.

5) Extra quests 

We will be introducing seasonal challenges that will earn you some extra Qoins. Keep an eye on your profile and make sure to subscribe to receive the updates directly into your inbox.

But that’s not all.


Earning Qoins helps you level up and earn ranks. Ranks give you street cred, earn eternal respect and open additional treasures and prizes. Here is the list:

  1. Monastery cleaner (unlocked new rank sticker*)
  2. Hopeful novice (your own customizable referral image)
  3. Zen master (exclusive zen master pin)
  4. Sensei (exclusive sensei robe)
  5. The Ancient One (The Ancient Artifact)

* With each rank you automatically unlock a new exclusive sticker that looks just like your flex-worthy rank

Good luck grinding your way to become The Ancient One. Or at least not cleaning the monastery anymore.

PS: Don’t have an account? Create one here and join the ranks ?

Here’s where we like to play…

Instagram: instagram.com/madmonq
Facebook: facebook.com/madmonq
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Twitch: twitch.tv/madmonq
YouTube: youtube.com/madmonq
TikTok: tiktok.com/@madmonq/
Discord: discord.gg/madmonq



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