2030 vision

The most important
piece of gaming hardware?
Your health

“2030 is the year when all gamers consider health to be a crucial part of their setups.”

Health has been a neglected topic in gaming for far too long. MADMONQ is on a mission to support gamers in pushing their limits in-game and AFK. As the industry gets bigger, more people identify as gamers, and the sheer number of hours spent in-game increases, injuries and the overall demand on the body rise too. To level up, we’ll have to do things differently, especially when it comes to health. Our 2030 vision is to make sure every gamer gives health the same amount of attention they give to their hardware setup.

Right now, gaming wrecks our bodies

Excessive screen time, suboptimal diet, lack of physical exercise, and lack of awareness around the importance of health are rampant in gaming and esports. The drive to perform means that health often takes a back seat to bad habits like consuming subpar energy products that lead to crashes, taking prescription medication, psychological strain, and lack of sleep. But these crutches aren’t sustainable. It is time to stop the self-sabotage.

To save the game, we’ll put health front and center

We founded MADMONQ as the first health and performance brand that cuts through all the nonsense and helps gamers become better and healthier in a sustainable way.

We’ll achieve this by doing what we do best: building a strong and aspirational brand that lays the foundation for MADMONQ to become an integrated health platform with the ultimate goal of connecting gamers and spearheading action around health.

Because there’s nothing quite like the “I crushed it” feeling

EVERYTHING we do, we do to push the limits of gamers & players, help them reach legendary status, and ultimately inspire confidence in-game and AFK. We know that when they look and feel their best, nothing holds them back.

We believe the content and experiences we design with our audience have the power to inspire the “I crushed it” feeling and ignite the confidence to win.

We’re on a mission to raise a new generation of gamers

A new generation of healthy gamers who have the confidence to become true winners, no matter the game

The 2030 vision

Gaming culture is at a crossroads

We can continue on the path of the outdated gaming stigma: unhealthy lifestyle, anti-social behavior, low confidence, and social exclusion.

Or we can welcome in a paradigm shift that forges gamers into healthy, confident, and legendary role models.
“Go play outside” will finally lose its power.

We envision a world where health and performance is a priority - not an afterthought

We take an unconventional approach to inspire change. MADMONQ isn’t just a supplement. It’s fuel for a health revolution in gaming. Join the transformation and let’s change the game together.

Our pioneers

Lex Veldhuis

Pro poker player, WSOP 2009 7th place, biggest poker streamer on Twitch

“MADMONQ® has been one of the biggest influences for everything around my grind. It keeps me sharp, helps me focus and it's really good for my energy. There are tonnes of long-term benefits, too. I'm also investing in the brand, because I believe in everything it stands for.”


streamer, CS:GO player & content creator

“I have worked with a lot of companies, but I swear to God MADMONQ® is the best. They have the best merch, best ideas and what they’re building is crucial for the future of gaming. On top of that, their product kicks ass.”


professional CS:GO player for Apeks

“MADMONQ® became an integral part of my setup. Not only because of the amazing product, but also because of the ideas these guys represent.”


holder of multiple world records, streamer

“I´ve been using MADMONQ® for 2 years now and I still haven´t died”


Join the transformation and let’s change
the game

This is the opportunity to make an impact on every gamer´s life.