MADMONQ® GREENS is a refined superfood formula designed to fill nutrient gaps and deliver "peace of mind" for professionals who strive to eat a balanced diet that covers all nutritional needs, but struggle due to life circumstances. Our GREENS are designed to diversify the diet in one sachet, offering limitless benefits.

  • Core nutrients
  • Recovery
  • Digestive Health
fruit &


Vitamins & Minerals



Each sachet contains a total of 62 nutrients to fuel your body, including the equivalent of 1 serving of real veggies and fruits. Organic (BIO) quality, EU-cultivated, and rich in phytonutrients (cool and helpful compounds found in plants), our GREENS provide a solid foundation for good health, improved digestion, and awesome recovery.

  • 200 ML WATER

From organic
fruits and veggies



MADMONQ® GREENS supports your body's ability to recover after whatever challenge you decided to throw at it. Hard party? Our fruit and veggie blend will help you fight off free radicals that could cause oxidative damage. Hit the gym hard? Increase blood flow to the parts of your body that took a beating. Help your body fight inflammation with the power of berries, spinach, or broccoli.



Fruits and veggies do good for your tummy. Good bacteria like to feed on many kinds of compounds hidden in fruits and veggies (not only fiber). Additionally, we threw in some high-quality citrus and apple prebiotics. Nourish your good bacteria, improve digestion, and feel awesome.



Each sachet is filled with core nutrients to fuel your body. With a total of 62 ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, phytonutrients, and bioactive compounds, these convenient sachets provide a solid foundation for good health.
*based on the WHO recommendation of 80 grams of fresh fruit or 80 grams of fresh veggies, calculated as quercetin and proanthocyanin equivalents.



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  • 30 servings
  • Convenient travel packs
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Your peace-of-mind fuel, power-packed with a solid count of 62 nutrients, all snug in one little sachet. What's more? It's got a full serving of genuine fruits and veggies - organic (BIO) quality, grown proudly in the EU, and absolutely crammed with phytonutrients - impressive compounds you find in plants.


DigeZyme® - alpha-amylase (Aspergillus oryzae), neutral protease (Bacillus subtilis),

Vitamins & minerals

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D3, E, Biotin. Minerals - Chromium, Copper, Fluor, Iodine, Iron,

Veggies, veggie extracts, herbs & greens

Barley Grass, Broccoli, Broccoli Sprout, Chlorella, Kale, Organic Asparagus, Organic Brussel Sprout,

Fruits, fruit extracts

Acai berry, Bilberry (wild), Blueberry (wild), Apple, Cherry, Citrus, Cranberry, Grape, Prune,

BIO // Organic
  • NO GMO

Mentions in Media


"MADMONQ is a nutritional supplement designed to improve reaction time, increase focus and boost the energy of gamers."


"With MADMONQ, we wanted to create an efficient, healthy, and natural product that not only supports focus and energy but also benefits health in the long term. And based on hundreds of reviews and some really great feedback, I dare say that we succeeded pretty well."

Esports Insider

"MADMONQ: On a mission for healthy gaming" "The situation needs to change. Not only is it the right thing to do; it’s also a way to destigmatise the industry and make it more sustainable. "

"At MADMONQ, we envision a world where health and performance is a priority—not an afterthought."

Nutrition Insight

"Madmonq Champion taps into rising e-sports market with holistic supplementation" "In a bid to combat the issue, the company outlines its goal for 2030 is to ensure “every gamer gives health the same amount of attention they give to their hardware setup."


Veggies Fruits Vitamins Prebiotics
58% 25% 12% 05%

Your peace-of-mind fuel, power-packed with a solid count of 62 nutrients, all snug in one little sachet. What's more? It's got a full serving of genuine fruits and veggies - organic (BIO) quality, grown proudly in the EU, and absolutely crammed with phytonutrients - impressive compounds you find in plants.

Gift for

This exclusive 500 ml bottle is made of glass as durable as your confidence, treated with precise surface finishing, and equipped with an eye-pleasing stainless steel cap to match your shining personality. All of this in a minimalist design with a cross water-level indicator with engravings from the finest masters far and wide to make your mixing experience comfortable and efficient.


Easy to prepare, Easy to travel with

Made in EU

Proudly made in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic, in a production facility regularly rated by health authorities as fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


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Martin Zarecky

Level up your health and game skills! Smells like a freshly harvested power-up, tastes like victory. Boosted energy, ninja reflexes, and a taste that’ll make vegetables your new best allies. Game on, veggie warriors

Martin Zarecky

Lukáš Vaňátko

Vegetables in a sachet

It is excellent when you don’t have time to eat vegetables or are not a fan of veggies. A daily dose of veggies and fruit in a matter of minutes. It tastes much better than it looks. And it really helps with your… ehm digestive health. And after you drink it you start to feel really fresh. You just mix with a small amount of water (or juice) and you are done. There is also a bunch of cringe catchphrases right on the sachet, each day you’ve got a new catchphrase. So if you are into bad puns then go for it.

Lukáš Vaňátko



Just drank GREENS for 2 weeks and I feel great. Also, I tried expensive options such as AG1, or cheaper one as Bloom. And greens from MADMONQ are so far the best compared to the quality and price of the other ones. They are also available in subscription, which is super useful.


Vojtěch Vilém Winter

Greens are exactly what I expected them to be

Greens are exactly what I expected them to be – a fast and effective way to get some nutrients in me. The one effect I really noticed is more healthy digestion – I used to have bad guts after most meals. Not anymore.
One thing to point out is the taste – it’s really just awful. But that’s a small price to pay for healthiness ;).
All in all, Greens is as great of a product as Champion or Madmonq, meaning it gets all the praise from me.

Vojtěch Vilém Winter

The Milan

Very tasty swamp 💚

I’m always thrilled when Madmonq announce new product 👀 Madmonq greens looks scary when you mix it with water (it looks like water taken from swamp 😂) but surprisingly it tastes really good! I prefer to mix with water.. It is too sweet with juice for me, but I guess other people will appreciate it. Madmonq greens was well played Madmonq, well played..

The Milan


My world just turn GREENS

Madmonq & Champion are cool and tasty combination. I can confirm the TOP quality level. With the introduction of GREENS I was curious… It’s good? How does it taste? Is it worth? Well, to be honest, first taste is really interesting – like a first kiss. You are not sure if you like it or not. With the 2nd & 3rd round I started to really like it. And now? I can’t have a day without it. And personally I feel motivated – like my brain started to work correctly (but that’s just my personal feeling). So, if you are curious as was I, you want to try something new? GREENS is the way. PS: the bottle is must have! Petr


Daniel Dedek

I’ll finally have vegetables every day 😄

MADMONQ GREENS – I didn’t expect the taste to be that good. I recently bought Athletic Greens and I had to blend it with a banana and strawberries to make it drinkable. It was a bit more complicated to prepare and it didn’t last me very long. This is incredibly easy, as it comes in a sachet and above all, it’s perfectly drinkable on its own. So, it’s great and I’ll finally have vegetables every day 😄

Daniel Dedek


Madmonq Greens 🥦

As soon as I opened the Madmonq Greens package, I was surprised and at the same time amused by the individual jokes on the Greens bags. I was a bit afraid of the first taste because the green color mixed with water didn’t look very convincing, however, it’s just a detail that you can get used to, the taste of greens itself is quite specific, a bit like water with lemon, but I personally prefer to mix it with orange juice . For me, Greens is a great choice for everyone. 🫶🏻🌱


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Match your lifestyle

Gear up with an epic arsenal to fit your lifestyle and enjoy your everyday GREENS moments to the max.

High-quality glass bottle

Free with yearly GREENS sub US$22.95

Your Daily Superpowder

Our MADMONQ® GREENS contains real veggies and fruits and go beyond basic nutrition labeling (macros, vitamins, minerals). With MADMONQ® GREENS, our goal is to deliver hundreds of high-quality bioactive compounds that are present in plants, fruits, and veggies in a simple and convenient sachet. Add 200 ml of water and get ready to rumble.

How do I prepare it?

It's easy as pie (veggie pie of course). You can do it even when you don't go for an alchemy build. Just mix one sachet with 200 ml of water and let the green magic happen.

Can I mix it with milk or something other than water?

Sure, but you're probably gonna need some alchemy skills for this. You can add it to smoothies or yogurt.

How often should I take it + how many sachets are in one box?

The best way is to take one sachet a day. There are 30 of them in one box, so you have veggie supplies for an entire month.

My MADMONQ® GREENS separate into different colors after some time - is it safe to drink?

That's totally normal. It happens because heavier parts of the powder tend to settle to the bottom. Just shake it again, and you're good to go.

Can I combine it with MADMONQ® and CHAMPION?

Absolutely! They all complement each other perfectly and form the holy trinity of a healthy gamer's starter pack.

How can I add it to the yearly subscription? What if I already have one yearly subscription active?

Just buy the yearly subscription of MADMONQ® GREENS, and it will be added to your standard subscription. Once the original one ends, the part with MADMONQ® GREENS will still remain active until the supposed end date of one year since the purchase.


This innovative drinkable greens blend is ideal not just for gamers. It's made from the purest, ripest, and finest ingredients sourced from all over the world. The green potion of champions. Add 200 ml of water and enjoy your nutritional insurance. Sneaky way to get some extra greens, cuz who has time to chew?


FROM US$43.75