Why is MADMONQ® a chewable tablet?

Chewable tablets provide benefits that other forms do not. First, we want to use the most effective pharmaceutical extracts in the world, and tablets are the only form that allows us to do this. Second, tablets are “dry”, so they don’t need any of the artificial colors, aromas, or preservatives that liquid products require. By default, the dry tablet form is very stable. Tablets are very easy to transport–we like the idea of carrying a month’s worth of on-demand focus wherever we go and can easily share it with friends whenever we want.

How should I take MADMONQ®? Does sucking or chewing make a difference?

Allow 20 minutes from intake for the effects to be felt. The difference between sucking and chewing is also small but worth mentioning. In fact, sucking increases the positive effects of MADMONQ® on your teeth, while chewing makes them kick in a little faster.

How do I know that MADMONQ® is working?

MADMONQ® has a very specific effect. It kick-starts your brain immediately, but the effect is much more stable and complex compared to aggressive, jitter-inducing sugar-caffeine combos. You will feel awake, focused, motivated, and rested. Additionally, you’ll benefit from other long-term effects on cognition, energy metabolism, and overall performance.

Can I use MADMONQ® for studying, driving, or any other job?

Although MADMONQ® was specifically developed with gamers in mind, we regularly receive testimonials from our fellow users that MADMONQ® saved them during an exam period. Apart from staying wakeful and maintaining focus, MADMONQ® brings many memory-enhancing properties and is very well suited for staying level-headed in times of stress.

The taste is awful. Is there anything I can do about it?

The taste of MADMONQ® is a mix of raspberry, wild berries, and vanilla (we were inspired by memories of fresh jam from our grandmothers). Herbal extracts give it somewhat of a bitter aftertaste, but, if you’re really struggling with it, you can just flush a MADMONQ® tablet down with a glass of water.

How many tablets are in one bottle?

There are 28 tablets in a pack – the perfect amount for a month.

What ingredients are inside?

MADMONQ® is a nutrients-rich formula that includes some of the world’s most renowned ingredients for brain health and performance. It’s a carefully-selected blend of adaptogenic herbs, plant and fruit extracts, amino acids, organic caffeine, vitamins, and minerals, with two very special ingredients: Brainberry® and Spectra™ (be sure to check the Science section for more information). Additionally, there are NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors, NO preservatives, NO GMOs, NO performance-killing sugars, and NO unnecessary additives. MADMONQ® is made from all-natural sources, and it’s simply the best product to kick-start your brain to reach its full potential.

MADMONQ® composition >

How is MADMONQ® different from standard caffeine supplements?

Caffeine is the ingredient that many of us are most familiar with, but taking a MADMONQ® gives your body way more than just a caffeine boost. There are 15 other active ingredients doing some pretty cool work, too. Some of them even combine in unique ways for more added benefit. There are also more long-term benefits, like better memory, eye health, and metabolism.

MADMONQ® seems to be very expensive.

If you know the pharma business, you’ll recognize how expensive this combination of ingredients can be! The cost is all the higher if they’re sourced from high-quality suppliers like we do.

Can I combine MADMONQ® with other stimulants (such as coffee, energy drinks, or other energy supplements)?

We do not recommend taking MADMONQ® along with other products high in caffeine. It is developed in a very balanced way, and any other stimulants or metabolizers may kick it out of balance and have negative effects. Try it by itself– it’s awesome just as it is.

I have a medical condition. Is it safe to take MADMONQ®?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question. Since we don’t know your specific medical condition, we can’t give you an exact answer. In this case, we would strongly recommend that you first contact your doctor and show him or her the ingredients of MADMONQ®.

What is the difference between MADMONQ® and prescription medications routinely used for focus?

It’s important to keep in mind that medications like these are prescription-only and were developed to treat mental disorders. Using them recreationally can permanently affect the way your brain works. We are not fans, and we know that there are much better, less risky ways to increase gaming performance and focus. Like MADMONQ®, which was designed with safety, health, and performance in mind.

What's the shelf life?

Thanks to our epic bottle and its superb click-clack sealing system, MADMONQ® will last up to 18 months with the right storage conditions (it’s also super important to make sure the cap is tight). We ditched artificial preservatives, so our tablets are also really sensitive to moisture.

Can the use of MADMONQ® cause negative side effects, such as dependency?

The short answer is no. Studies on primary ingredients such as adaptogens, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fruit extracts have not demonstrated any negative effects. Other ingredients, such as our organic caffeine have similarly positive safety profiles and an extremely long history of traditional use. MADMONQ® was developed with a big focus on long-term safety and health. As a general rule, it is always recommended to take a break from any supplement. With MADMONQ®, we recommend at least 2-3 days a month.

Can I overdose on MADMONQ®?

Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. The effects of MADMONQ® might be thrown off balance, and you may experience some undesirable effects like restlessness, nervousness, and also an upset stomach if you take more than 2 tablets per day.

If I take MADMONQ®, will it show on the doping test?

No. We developed MADMONQ® to be compliant with WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) standards, so there’s no risk of being disqualified for reasons of substance.

How old do I have to be to use MADMONQ®?

Younger players are just fine to take MADMONQ®. That said, we recommend our chewable tablets for 18+ because we believe younger players should focus on getting enough quality sleep, exercising, and paying attention to their diet (that includes skipping energy drinks – tons of harmful sugar!).

Is MADMONQ® vegan-friendly?

Yes, MADMONQ® is a vegan-friendly product. We don’t use any animal-based ingredients.

How does it taste?

With MADMONQ® CHAMPION we played it more sweetly, so you can expect an explosion of passion fruit, berries, lemon, apricot, and breakfast tea. The best way to start your day, eh?

Buying the individual ingredients will be cheaper.

All ingredients bought separately would cost much more (70+€), MADMONQ® CHAMPION is an all-in-one deal for just a fraction of the price. We believe health is something really worth supporting and paying extra for.

What's the difference between MADMONQ® and MADMONQ® CHAMPION?

They are completely different products. MADMONQ® focuses on boosting energy, mental health, and performance. MADMONQ® CHAMPION aims to support vitality, immunity, and long-term health.


Does the Pope live in the Vatican? MADMONQ® CHAMPION was designed specifically to take together with MADMONQ® – both products complement each other, and the active ingredients balance perfectly.

When is it best to take MADMONQ® CHAMPION? And what is the daily dose?

The best approach is to take one tablet in the morning after breakfast. The maximum dose is two tablets per day.

How old do I have to be to use MADMONQ® CHAMPION?

Like MADMONQ®, we recommend MADMONQ® CHAMPION only for people over 18 years old.

Is MADMONQ® CHAMPION vegan-friendly?

Yes, MADMONQ® CHAMPION is a vegan-friendly product. We don’t use any animal-based ingredients.

Is MADMONQ® CHAMPION also for women? I've read something about testosterone...

Absolutely! Tribulus and testosterone are nothing to worry about,–it’s all about maintaining the right balance of hormones in your body. There is not enough Tribulus in a daily dose of MADMONQ® CHAMPION to substantially increase testosterone production in your body.

SUBSCRIPTION - Monthly plan
What is the Path of the Monq?

The Path of the Monq is our Elite Subscription Club and a love letter to our dedicated fans. It is our monthly product subscription that’s not only more affordable than a one-time purchase but also comes with additional perks, discounts, and rewards.

How can I change the delivery address for the subscription?

It’s really easy. Just head to your profile, edit your shipping address and check the “Update the address in the subscription” box below. Then just hit the Update button, and it’s done. However, if you want to change the address of a pick-up point, you can unfortunately only do so now by contacting us directly, preferably in the chat at the bottom right.

How does the monthly plan work?

Instead of a one-time purchase, select subscribe and fill in all the boring but necessary details (such as billing, shipping, and payment information) in the checkout. After the payment is confirmed, your subscription begins, and your first subscription order will be started. You will then be automatically charged every month, and the selected number of MADMONQ® packs will get delivered right to your door. Plus, you can also look forward to some extra goodies.

What perks and rewards can I expect from a monthly plan?

Apart from getting a fresh pack every month at a better price, you’ll get plenty of additional benefits, including:

  • A merch discount up to 50%: the longer you subscribe, the more you save
  • Get MADMONQ® merch and limited items prior to official launch date
  • The PATH OF THE MONQ VIP newsletter packed with tips for your mind, body, and gear
  • Subscription rank badges and IRL gifts
  • Special Discord channel only for subscribers
  • And maybe additional TOP SECRET benefits even we don’t know about yet.
Can I cancel the monthly plan whenever I want?

Yes, of course! To cancel your monthly subscription, click “Manage Subscriptions” in your profile and then “Cancel Subscription”. But you’re not done yet; you’ll receive an email from us where you’ll actually confirm the cancellation by clicking on the highlighted link. Keep in mind, though, that by canceling your subscription, you will lose all the benefits, and your rank will be reset.

Can I add a one-time product to my subscription for the next month only?

Absolutely! You can find this option in your profile in the “add to next order” section. We’ll send it to you in a package at the next renewal.

Can I pause the monthly subscription?

Yes. You can pause your subscription for a month, but only twice a year. You can find the pause button in your profile under Manage Subscription. And don’t worry, you won’t lose your rank on the Path of the Monq. Your subscription will automatically renew after a month, so you can seamlessly continue where you left off. But beware, once you pause your subscription, there’s no way for you to undo it! If you click the pause button again, the pause will just be extended for a second month.

I just received my first month's delivery! How do I apply for subscriber-only discounts?

No need to do anything, as long as you’re logged in to your account! The discount is automatically applied, and the longer you stay subscribed, the bigger it gets! Stay subscribed, and it will grow up to 50% off.

Can I choose which day of the month my payment will be charged?

You are charged automatically each month based on the day you joined the elite subscription club. This date can’t be changed.

Do I have to be registered on your website in order to subscribe?

Yes, a subscription requires a MADMONQ® account, which makes it easy to manage your subscription, rank up, and get merch discounts.

SUBSCRIPTION - Yearly plan
How does the yearly plan work?

The core difference in the yearly plan is that you only pay once for the whole year upfront. After that, you don’t have to worry about anything. No more failed payments and unnecessarily delayed orders! Plus, we’ve got some extra fancy perks and rewards that the monthly plan doesn’t include.

What extra benefits and rewards can I expect for the yearly plan?

It’s really a lot! With the yearly plan, you’ll get all the benefits of the monthly plan, plus: 20% discount product – Free Instant Shipping – Fixed price for all future generations – Free shipping on extra deliveries – 2 product swaps per year.

I already have a monthly plan, how can I switch to the yearly plan? Do I have to cancel my original subscription?

No, you don’t have to cancel anything, you’d lose the ranks you’ve earned. Simply buy a yearly plan and link our master 5Head system to your existing monthly subscription.

I just bought a subscription and nothing has happened. The status of the order is still "On-Hold"

Don’t worry. If the status of your annual subscription order is “On Hold”, it means the payment was successful, and we’ve registered it. Our system just needs to check if you already have a MADMONQ subscription to which the yearly plan would need to be connected to. The whole process takes 1-2 days at most, after which the yearly subscription is activated.

Can I cancel the yearly plan whenever I want?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. We do not provide refunds for the yearly plan.

Can I change the amount of products in my yearly plan?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The annual subscription is designed for 12 products of one type. However, you can adjust the interval at which you receive the products – once every 2, 3, or 4 months. For example, if you choose the last option, we will send you 4 products at once.

Can I change the type of products in my yearly plan?

Yes! One of the benefits of the yearly plan is that you can exchange your product for another one 2x per year. You can find this option in your Profile.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide (always check the availability at the checkout): Australia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Croatia, Hungary, India, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Israel, South Africa, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Austria, Germany, Greece, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine.

Where do you ship from?

We ship all orders from The Czech Republic in Central Europe.

My country is not on your list. What can I do?

Reach out to us. We might figure something out. 🙂

What is the delivery time?

Delivery times and shipping costs differ from country to country. On average, we deliver in 2-6 workdays for standard delivery and 4-10 workdays for economy shipping from the moment you place the order. Goods are shipped within 24 hours after the order is placed. Once shipped, you will be informed via email.

Where is my package? You promised it would be with me in a few days!

The delivery time is always business days. In extremely rare cases, your package may get postponed for reasons out of our control. Reach out to us, and we will do everything we can to get your MADMONQ® to you asap.

How can I pay?

We accept credit cards, Paypal, and even cryptocurrencies (we use Coinbase).

Why is Loot & Rewards locked on my profile?

Loot & Rewards will unlock after your first order. Unlocking may take approximately 3 days from the time your order is received. This is to prevent people from sending packages back.

What are Qoins, and how can I earn them?

You will receive Qoins for each delivered order. More precisely 1 Qoin per pack of MADMONQ® or MADMONQ® CHAMPION. One Qoin is worth 1€ and can be used as a discount on your next purchase. You will find this option after logging in to your cart just before confirming your order.

I’ve ordered MADMONQ®, but I still don’t have Qoins. Why?

It takes about 3 days after the package has been delivered to confirm and add the Qoins to your profile to prevent people from abusing the Qoin system.

How exactly does the referral system work?

Sharing is caring. If you love MADMONQ®, your friends will love it too. Share your own personal link with someone. For each order made by your friends through your link, you earn 1 Qoin. More referred friends = more MADMONQ® orders = more Qoins = Stonks.

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