5 Simple Hacks How to Reclaim Your Focus in 2024

So, you’re feeling lost in this digital world, and wanna reclaim your focus back, right? Alright, let’s hit pause and take a proper look at your average day. What cool stuff could you be doing today? 

Maybe finally learn how to play the electric guitar? You always wanted to do that. Or piecing together that enormous set of puzzles your grandma gave you forever ago? Or maybe, just maybe, hitting the gym for real this time?

Damn, it’s too late today. Classic, right? But you’ll totally go tomorrow, surely you will have some spare time, right? 

And if not, you’ll definitely start next week. Pinky swear on that.

Wait, where did all that free time go? 

Oh… you’ve spent two hours doom-scrolling TikTok. Again.

If you do the quick math, that’s over 36 days a year – about 10% of the whole year.

So the result for this equation?

We don’t have a problem with the lack of free time. We have a problem with using it efficiently.
But hey, no sweat. We are here to tell you about 5 secret hacks to boost your productivity sky-high.

1. Get rid of Phone Notifications

No, seriously. These things are the worst.

You might think, “Just one little ding? Piece of cake.” That can’t destroy my concentration. But boy, here we go. 

It’s like facing the Drowners from The Witcher. 

You see one of them and think – I can kill him easily. And you’d be right, but as soon as you get close to him, 10 others jump on you from the water and bam. Your HP is at 0 and you are the main course tonight.

Notifications are the same, but instead of Health Points, they are your Focus Points:


“Oh, someone just texted me. Quick reply, it only takes me 5 seconds.” – 70% FP


“New video just dropped? Cool. I’ll just check what it’s about” – 40% FP


“Oh, my favorite streamer just went live? I need to see that!” – 0% FP

Next thing you know, you’re deep in the IG Reels abyss, scrolling like a madman, no work done, and your focus all over the place. 

We get it. It’s hard to resist. Your phone is like a siren, luring the sailors to the cliffs. It’s your digital shadow today, 24/7 in your hand. 

Not scrolling through at least one TikTok or IG Reel feels like a Herculean effort.

So to reclaim your focus and stay concentrated on the important tasks, you’re gonna need some clever solutions.

The app sidekicks

Lacking the willpower to resist? (No judgment – we’re as guilty as anyone. We checked our phone at least 7 times while writing this), there are some really cool apps designed to save you from the call of social media sirens.

They’re like digital bouncers for your phone, locking away those addictive apps and letting you reclaim your focus. 

Sounds harsh, and it really is. To ease it a little bit, you can usually set up which apps you want to lock, and for how long.

The top picks from us are Opal and Freedom.

Or if you fancy a bit of gamification, check out the Forest App. Its name pretty much sums it up – you plant a tree for every productivity session. If you fail, the tree dies (don’t you dare!)

As time flies, you’ll grow yourself a nice little forest of focus. And the coolest part? As your focus forest grows, you’re actually contributing to real-world reforestation. 

Focus up and go green – now that’s what we call a win-win.

Trust us, this could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

2. Kill Multitasking

Ever had one of those days at work where everyone (usually at once) wants something from you, with a sweet note that their task is the most important one and you should focus only on that? 

And why didn’t you finish them like, yesterday?

So there you are, juggling a report and a phone call while pacifying a grumpy customer and decoding a cryptic text from your colleague about why the latest shipment still hasn’t arrived. 

You’re trying to be the office superhero, and do everything. But in the end, you’ll end up with nothing finished properly.

Here’s a fun fact: evolution made us to be monotaskers. Our brains are wired to focus only on one task at a time.

Science studies have found that only about 2.5% of all people on Earth can multitask effectively. And the odds are neither you nor us are part of this group.

Sure, multitasking can work with simple tasks – we can walk and talk, maybe even munch a sandwich while talking with our friends.

But for more complex tasks, our brain starts to constantly switch back and forth between tasks and we’re more likely to make a mistake.

So if you wish to reclaim your focus, let’s keep it real and stick to one mission at a time, shall we?

3. Hell Yes or No (Do What Matters)

Let’s be real now. Most of our lives are filled with snooze-fest activities.

And mostly it’s our own fault.

We’re like “Yes” machines, nodding along to stuff that bores us to tears, all because it’s polite, or heaven forbid, expected.

Were you ever stuck at a snoozer event, counting ceiling tiles, thinking, “When can I escape this and just play videogames back at home?”

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you agreed to meet an old friend, not because you were super excited to see him or her again, but only because you felt guilty for not talking to him for ages?   

Result? An entire evening that could’ve been spent on literally anything that you at least slightly enjoy.

Here’s the reality check. All this “yes-man” attitude drains us. We waste our energy on boring events that give us nothing, and then we are too tired or busy with really exciting things and opportunities. Or worse, we miss them completely because we’re stuck at some party playing “Who are these people?”

Life is too precious. It’s time to embrace the power of “NO”, and say it to almost everything.

But, hold up, it’s not about turning into a hermit. There’s a sweet spot. Usually, you can tell the golden opportunities by having a “HELL YES” reaction to them. Those are keepers.

Make space in your life for “HELL YES” things so you don’t ask “Why the hell?” later.

Learn to say NO, and refuse things that don’t excite you and are irrelevant.

Reclaim your focus. Remember, you’re in charge of your life, so make the best of it.

You only got one shot.

 4. Do More with Less

Are you a big-picture person, focusing on major goals? Or more like a constant firefighter, battling daily blazes but never hitting those targets?

Having too many priorities can leave you inefficient and totally burnt out while also making some really bad decisions.

If you don’t manage your time efficiently, you spend most of your time and energy on things that don’t get you the results you want while keeping you in a constant state of exhaustion

It’s time for a game-changer: the Pareto Principle.

Visual representation of the Pareto principle that helps to reclaim focus

Also known as the 80/20 rule, this principle is your secret weapon for prioritizing what really matters – so you can crush your goals with way less stress.

Here’s the secret magic: 80% of your wins come from just 20% of your effort. Mind-blowing, right?

So it’s time to play Sherlock Holmes, and find what exactly are your “20% of the inputs”. Zoom in on them, and make them your absolute top priority. 

This helps you to delegate or let go of everything else that has an almost non-existent impact on the results.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder. Prioritize and reclaim your focus back!

5. Use Nootropics

Alright, let’s be honest. Did you really think we’d skip the brain-boosting magic of nootropics?

These little helpers can be a really powerful ally in your fight to complete some last-minute tasks.

You missed the tutorial? Never mind, this topic is quite easy. Nootropics are natural or synthetic substances that positively affect your mental skills – usually boosting focus and reducing tiredness.

Now, meet the MVP of nootropics. The one that plays a vital role in the morning ritual of almost all of us. Yep, it’s coffee.

Or caffeine, to be more specific. And it’s not actually only in a cup of good coffee. Caffeine can be found in tea, cola, cocoa, guarana, yerba mate, and over 60 other products

Then there’s the sidekick, L-theanine, also often combined with caffeine. An amino acid that’s usually hiding in the leaves of green and black tea, increases the positive effects of caffeine by preventing jitters and the infamous caffeine crash.

We actually made a blog post about the best 9 Nootropics Every Student Should Know About.

Feel free to check it even if your school days are a memory of the past. These boosters are like secret weapons for your mind, perfectly fitting even into your day-to-day job.

But hey, there’s this rule we’re all gonna follow, okay? No matter how good or top-quality the nootropic is, it can never be better than a good night’s sleep, a proper diet, and exercise.

This is where we’re gonna end it for today. Remember to focus on spending time on what matters. Avoid distractions, and don’t get caught in mindless reactivity. Learn to detach and act with purpose.

Nail this, reclaim your focus, and leave those distraction demons in the dust.

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