The Ultimate Gaming T-Shirt Has Finally Arrived

We had a dream. A big dream. To create the most comfortable t-shirt for gamers that could fit them magically, AND make them feel like they could get all-time high scores every day they wore it.

We decided to follow this dream. We didn’t know where it would take us, but we were sure of 2 things.

That we had to make it optimal for ANYONE. With custom design measurements for all sizes taken from a sea of fellow gamers and streamers

And that no matter how tough the process got, we’d never lose sight of the true goal: to create something awesome. And boy, did the process get tough (more on that later )

Safe to say, we didn’t disappoint ourselves. After 8 months of preparation, the t-shirt of our dreams is finally ready.

The Signature MADMONQ® T-Shirt boasts the amount of awesomeness only months of testing hundreds of hand-picked materials and working with some of the best tailors in the country could bring. 

It’s the kinda stuff high-class fashion brands do, but instead by a team of people way paler and with way too much The Witcher: Monster Slayer knowledge.

How we threw away the meaning of “Merchandise” over 8 months

  • Never left our hands from start to finish
  • 100% highest quality cotton that remains airy and soft
  • 8 months of R&D (say goodbye to “merch” as you know it)
  • Crowd-sourced measurements for flawless fit
  • Super soft enzymatic finish (we went through hundreds of materials)
  • Sewn logo for a minimalistic, timeless feel (take that Ralph Lauren)
  • *HANDS UP* VICTORY PROTECTION™ for optimal belly safety

As a team that spends a lot of our time on streams or in the LoL arena, we wanted something we could wear anywhere and still feel comfortable and confident. Even if we’re not in the familiar feel of our gaming space. 

So when we started working on the MADMONQ® T-shirt, sometimes it felt like we were doomed to fail. Good men were lost-(in the jungle of fabrics we had in the office) and tears were shed-(in joy, and then sadness, and then joy again).

Big manufacturers with cheap materials were coming at us left and right to make our shirts. Let’s just say, we burned a lot of bridges by saying “no” so now anything less than top-quality isn’t an option for us to make

Even when we thought we had it perfected, we didn’t trust ourselves (we looked ourselves in the mirror and asked: r we sus?). We sent out our beta-versions in spring to a chosen few gamers and streamers to make sure we were doing things right and asked them a ton of questions like:

Did it feel soft enough? Did the shirt fit comfortably? If you were getting interrogated in a Cuban prison, do you think the material breathes enough to prevent sweat? 

Safe to say, not all of our questions were answered. But with the useful feedback we did get, we yeeted all of it into our final version and yelled YOLO.

Finally, the wait was over.

With a sleek and minimalist design, but with enough cool-factor to make heads turn. You could proudly wear it without any hesitation anywhere. First tinder date? Sure. Parasailing off of Costa Rica? Absolutely. Work interview? Especially if it’s with us.

But the awesomeness didn’t stop there.

  • Feel more secure than Iron Man – we chased down the best tailors in Czechia to make perfectly fitted designs that consider EVERY measurement (6 total) needed to fit your body (who needs a Jarvis when you can have a Zdenek?).
  • *HANDS UP* Victory Protection™ – to work around every moment you’ll need and keep your belly covered from vulnerable attacks (finally work on getting ready to hibernate for winter or block pathways on bridges in peace ). 
  • Wear the MADMONQ® Emblem – with our logo tactfully above your chest for your allies to see as a symbol of courage (and a reminder to yourself to never back down). 

In the next release, we hope to make the logo also deflect laser blasts – so far testing hasn’t been successful. We found out Vibranium metal is NOT a real thing and our tech guy Kenny almost lost a nipple. Any volunteers for the next test run?

We knew it had to be the best everyday t-shirt on the market. That’s why we didn’t give this to some marketing company, but spent hours every day for 8 months working on it ourselves. So it is worth that feeling of pride you’ll have whether you’re focused on a screen alone or braving a big family reunion. 

We’re so pleased with it, that we hope to keep it a timeless classic for as long as we can (is “forever” too strong of a word to use?). By making our t-shirt the best it can be we’re sure it will continue to be available for a long, long time.

Now go rock it, cowboy.

Get your Signature MADMONQ® T-Shirt now available at our shop.

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