MONQ-ROYALE – The Perfect Fusion of Gaming & Party

Ready for THE stream of your life?

Tune in at 3PM CEST (countdown starts at 1PM CEST) on Saturday, August 1st for our second long-awaited MADMONQ party stream! (Which will be streamed in Czech language. But don’t worry, we’ll be doing streams in English soon too.)

Building on the success of the recent PAC-MONQ championship, we decided to merge party & gaming to bring you the ultimate fusion:



Invited contestants will clash in the completely original, no bull$#!t, crazy, intense and friendship-breaking battle-royale game ?#&@$ßФ€. But… which game, you ask? Well this time, we decided not to tell you. But, feel free to check out this kick-ass video for some hints:

The game reveal will happen just seconds before the first match so the contestants don’t have the opportunity to practice the game beforehand.

And at the end of the tournament, the crowd and the Twitch Chat will get to know their MONQ-ROYALE CHAMPION 2020!

It’s a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn their place among the golden bois [insert gender] on our Wall Of Fame for all eternity (or until our servers drop again when all of you order your MADMONQs during the stream… just like last year).

There will be a prize too.

Not to spoil any surprises, but it’s gonna be shiny.

Wait for the reveal LIVE ON STREAM right after the winner dominates their foes in the battle ring.

Oh yes, there is a DELL BATTLE RING.


This event is all about secret reveals. We won’t tell you the game. We won’t show you the stage. We won’t spoil the grand prize. But you can be damn sure we’ll be dropping something cool.

And one more thing.

There’s something to talk about, too.

Year 2020 ain’t going so great – we all know that. Perhaps there is a way, we could bring some light into these dark, dark times.

We will dance. We will fight. We will play. And we will show off our newly-learned TikTok moves.

TL;DR – The content is juicy. The streamers are juicy. You are juicy. Nothing can go wrong.

Don’t make the mistake of not showing up on our Twitch on August 1st. Because we might have to destroy the evidence. Again.

Who’s coming? Here’s the starlist: (*subject to change)

An endless stream of non-DMCA vibe music will be brought to you by the talented:
DJ Buldog

We can’t wait to Twitch with you in our chat. Let’s get schwifty together till we can’t get schwifty anymore.

Our stream goes live at 1PM CEST (cameras start rolling at 3PM CEST).
This Saturday, August 1st 2020.

Stay awesome,




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