Buckle up, legend.

We’re back with more disturbing facts about MADMONQ® Champion.

Meet Champion 1.1.

The latest, greatest and tastiest version of our second-born. Yet.

If you know us, you know the quest for greatness never ends.
Even if it means succumbing to blind tasting funky flavors.

Or almost being shut down by our manufacturer. #truestory

You can read about it in the original Champion Chronicles.

Now, back to the evolution of Champion.

Did we finally include a stick for fighting off eager admirers?

Short answer: no. 

We’re sorry. 

We tried. 

Something about excess packaging and promoting violence.

While you may not get to defend your honor with your version of Arya Stark’s beloved Needle, you may, from this day forth:

Experience a new intense taste of passionfruit flavor

Picture this:

13 tiny hula performers…

Swaying their hips on your tongue… 

During a breathtaking sunset… 

Champion’s upgraded burst of passionfruit flavor will make all of your 10,000 tastebuds sing and swing and thrust their hip bones.

It’s a composition we will argue would make Beethoven cry into his cloud.

In fact, you might start crying as you try Champion 1.1 yourself.   

Feel confident you’re supporting your long-term health 

We made Champion to support gamers’ long-term health and performance. 

To be taken daily to maximize HP, whatever battles you may face.

One of the many enemies being blue light.

To fight this ever-present evil, we use Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

Two natural carotenoids that support sharpness of vision, eye tissue, and contrast sensitivity, all while shielding against blue light.   

Alas, like any superhero (ingredient), they bear weaknesses.

Both Lutein and Zeaxanthin are extremely unstable.

Much like your emotions during Fortnite. 

This is a super common issue in many supplements.

Not in MADMONQ® Champion though. 

It’s a battle we’ve fought since Day 1, by:

  • Protecting the molecules with top-level packaging 
  • Using extremely high-quality sourced ingredients
  • Tripling the dose to battle the degradation 

But, as constant seekers of improvement, we’ve looked for ways to better stability even more.

This time, we’ve “encapsulated” the carotenoids. 

They now “live” in a protective sphere that guarantees 18 months of stability = a more badass health product for you.

CHAMPION 1.1 — a secret oath between gamer and health

Champion is the supplement for gamers made by gamers. 

Take it daily, and you shall reap the rewards of optimal, long-term health benefits that support you from head to toe. 

We’re talking maintaining good eyesight, libido, joint health and more.

That said, it’s about much more than health. 

It’s about finding an easier, better alternative to feel good and be great. In life and in the arena.

Hence, we birthed Champion so gamers don’t have to: 

  • Take 3+ pills daily to get the nutrients needed
  • Spend 100-150€ on supplements. Monthly
  • Waste hours googling that each supplement has natural, active and high-quality ingredients

It’s time to become a true Champion

Want us to do the maths? 

Take many different supplements for several €€€ daily.

Or you can simply take Champion daily, at 0.80€/day.

It’s even less if you subscribe. And, you reap many rewards.

Like up to 20% discount on supplements and 50% on badass merch. 

Plus exclusive VIP content and merch reservations.

Subscribe and start your journey here. 

Or, if you’re not ready just yet, you can simply try us out and…

Join 60,000+ gamers who take Champion daily to uplevel their health — and gaming. 

What’s more? If you don’t like it, you get your € back. No ragrets.

Once you try your first daily tablet, know that we’re right there, sharing your journey towards Champion health.

Stay Awesome,

The New Champions of MADMONQ®



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