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We are looking for a passionate Ads & Performance Expert to join our ranks and help us build, grow and spoil our awesome MADMONQ community.

Analysis is your bread and butter. Your main job is making sure we are selling more MADMONQ and finding a scalable formula to achieve it. You will do so by studying our customer journey and drafting a marketing funnel with goal to reach more and efficient conversions.

Key premise is knowing our customers intimately.

You will be in charge of designing ads that address specific needs and barriers within the funnel and you will make sure we have the right combination of creatives and copy in place.

This will be a continuous job that will require constant invention, analysis, optimization and improvement. Ads will be running across multiple platforms (FB, IG, Twitter, Reddit, Google) and will be optimized based on our current goals.

Analysis will be a core part of your job – making sure we are always learning, measuring the right stuff and acting accordingly.

You are expected to educate yourself and become an ad expert. This is a must. Stay on top of the recent developments in the field and make sure we are spending our hard-earned money responsibly.

You will work across departments and will communicate with multiple people so making sure your communication is clear will be crucial.


  • Optimizing and improving our marketing funnel, messaging and customer understanding
  • Leading the process of creating suitable ads and being responsible for the deadlines
  • Deploying ads across selected platforms and making sure they are in line with our strategy
  • Testing ads and ad hypotheses, finding and picking winners and implementing learnings
  • Daily optimization of running ads to make sure we are being efficient – always knowing the expected spends (where we are spending and why)
  • Making sure the learning and the progress is visible and clear – tracking KPIs and having routine communication towards CEO, CMO
  • Utilizing Analytics, Hotjar, Exports, Customer Care to extract learnings about performance
  • Reporting and tracking progress and general analysis of our business activities (e.g. Twitch reports, Partner reports, PR etc.)


  • Be independent, focused and always deliver on your tasks on time and with excellence
  • Be able to show clear progress
  • Passion for gaming and Twitch
  • Finisher’s mindset
  • Being able to handle a very transparent and honest environment
  • A positive, can-do attitude

What you can expect from us

  • Start-up environment
  • Awesome & extremely capable team
  • Enormous learning opportunity
  • Office gym
  • Flexible working hours & working from home is possible
  • Free MADMONQ & merch


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