The Two Viking Secrets That Will Keep You At The Top Of Your Game

How would you like to hack and slash your way not only through long gaming sessions, but also through tedious exams and those agonizing hours at work… all without feeling so drained that you need several energy drinks just to function?

Do it the Viking way! Just maybe without all the yelling and the horned helmets (unless that’s your thing).

Let’s face it… even if you’re a casual gamer, you still want to see your name at the top of those leaderboards.

The competition is wicked fierce, though. You’re going up against hundreds or even millions of other players… so why not show them who’s the top dog by taking a page out of the Viking’s book (did they even have books??)?

These two little-known secrets made them the lean, mean, skull-crushing machines we all know and love… and you can use them to make yourself a force to be reckoned with, whatever arena you’re in. You can think of them as reinforcement spells for your body

The first one is Rhodiola

This very special plant grows at high altitudes in the arctic areas of Europe and Asia and has tremendous energy-enhancing, brain-boosting and fat-burning power.

Perhaps a result of being able to thrive in the harsh environment of the arctic, rhodiola is widely regarded as one of the world’s most powerful adaptogenic herbs – a special family of plants that help your body handle physical, chemical and environmental stress, like an IRL Protect spell.

Adaptogens essentially do for your mind what exercise does for your body. Cardio and weight training help prepare your body to handle physical stress, like sprinting to catch a train or that time you Hulked out and carried all the trash out at once. Adaptogens “train” your mind to better handle fatigue, burnout and other forms of mental stress.

On a related note, exercise itself promotes heightened mental performance, too.

Vikings used this unique plant to enhance physical endurance and mental stamina, while the Russian government spent serious resources during the Cold War on studying how it can improve work performance and endurance while fighting insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and depression. A lot of the results of those studies are still classified, and the way we see it, if the Russian’s have classified it, it’s gotta be good .

Winning in and out of the chair

We all know have that person in our lives that is always nagging us with the same question: “What are you going to do? Play games for the rest of your life?”, sometimes with the bonus “You need to focus on your [insert life priority here]”.

Well, rhodiola can help you shut them up, as they watch you effortlessly power through an intense gaming session while passing exams and/or outperforming everyone at work. You know, the kinda stuff that makes moms proud.

All thanks to the mental enhancing properties of rhodiola.

A study conducted on military cadets aged 19 to 21 showed that high-quality rhodiola extract strengthened their resistance to fatigue and improved their mental power.

On top of that, students in another study experienced improved coordination, motivation and less mental fatigue, while their learning ability increased by 61% and their exam scores by 8.4%.

Razor sharp focus, quick decision making, improved reaction time, along with the ability to cope with stress (both mental and physical) are all staples of a top performer in any field. These are the traits that rhodiola helps support.

And the best part – rhodiola has the unique ability to act like a cellular energy generator to keep you going strong without chugging sugary drinks all day.

Looking at all the physical and mental powerups rhodiola provides, it’s easy to understand how the Vikings came to be known as such fierce warriors. Not to mention they are considered the pinnacle of badassness even to this day.

However, it’s not all due to rhodiola.

Second reinforcement spell: Zinc

“Wait … what? Isn’t that only good for colds?”

Well, it is very good if you have a cold, but zinc is essential for ensuring a healthy life and peak performance, whether mental or physical. It even fights odor-causing bacteria in a certain pair of ridiculously awesome socks.

Zinc is an essential trace mineral present within every cell of your body.

From boosting your immune system to improving cognitive function to putting some hair on your chest (yes it boosts testosterone levels… hence all those hairy-chested Vikings)… there’s little that zinc can’t help you with.

It also plays a key role in keeping your eyes healthy, which is massively important when we spend so much of our time staring we all can agree is HUGE since our eyes are strained by long gaming sessions.

Most people get their zinc from high-quality meats and seafood. Zinc is also present in plant form, such as whole grains and legumes, but the zinc in them is harder to absorb, since it binds to what are called “antinutrients” – specialized chemicals contained in these plants to make sure their seeds survive digestion.

Vikings had what we would consider an extremely organic lifestyle: one that in this day and age is either impossible or extremely expensive to replicate. They worked the land, ate what they grew, fished, and hunted, providing them with a natural diet rich in nutrients, including zinc.

By comparison, the levels of nutrients we get from food nowadays is much lower (even for diets that avoid the processed stuff), making it a lot harder to get the zinc we need from our food alone.

And not getting enough zinc leads to poor concentration, chronic fatigue, slower reflexes and even nerve damage, all of which can really put a dent in your gaming and life.

To combat this, we scoured the 9 realms for a form of zinc that would have one of the highest absorption rates of all of them: zinc citrate.

And hey, don’t take our word for it. A study conducted by ETH University in Zurich showed that this particular type of zinc has a 61% absorption rate.

And if the Swiss aren’t accurate about measuring stuff, we don’t know who is.

This means that you get improved concentration, higher resistance to fatigue, and clearer mind even faster…

… all in the name of ripping through your enemies like Duke Nukem when he’s all outta bubble gum.

Now imagine how your performance will improve once you start hacking your body with these two “cheat codes”.

→ How much better your gaming sessions will be.

→ How much faster you’ll react to situations.

→ How much easier you’ll make the right calls and win the day.

More and more elite gamers have started to look beyond the monitor to find ways of stepping up their game and staying relevant in the community.

Now it’s your turn!

And while you’re dishing out all that pain and punishment, go ahead and let out a raging battle cry – just like a proper Viking.

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