TVA incluse

Get tissues ready for more than just your tears. The time to own the first & only MADMONQ masterpiece of ACTION is now. Layered with awe-inspiring heroes (and super shiny bald-headedness).

Our Heroes Limited Edition Poster is here so you don’t dare forget – you have a power to make a difference. It gives courage cuz’ finding your superpower ain’t like it used to be (we tried using radiation, but we broke our microwave. Now we have to eat crunchy ramen noodles).

Each careful, digital brushstroke calls our heroes into the epic-est pose known to man. No laser vision or superspeed? Then pull out a Glock, M**fers.

We even gave it one last testosterone pump for maximum “macho-ness” as our final farewell to making posters of all-bro streamers (don’t worry, our future sexiness will be inspired by something greater than big back muscles…)

Don’t rush it. We’ll be here as your trusty sidekick to help along the way. And when the moment comes? This poster will push you that extra step to answer the call to be the superhero we know you are (we left a space just for you among our MADMONQ heroes).

Now discover your superpower, and go make a difference.

Metallic Foil to deflect Bill’s mindreading waves
Special Varnish Shine to blind bad guys
Ultimate “ass-kicking” motivation
20 streamers assembled for action
Neon Coloring for a “Glow Effect”
Tons of heroic poses to inspire your selfie game
100% crafted with childhood dreams