MADMONQ FITTING: the birth of a T-shirt tailored for gamers

Yep. There’s no denying it. We’re guilty. MADMONQ® merch has been out of stock for quite a while.

And it’s definitely not because we were maxing out our characters in Diablo 2: Resurrected

There is another reason.

We’re putting an Elon Musk effort into the development. The new MADMONQ® T-shirt is a HUGE deal for us – we wanted to build it from the scratch. Begone Adlers and Fruit of the Lms of the merch world!

Our chief merch guy (or what’s left from him) has been travelling the world (via browser) searching for the best, most comfortable & functional materials.

There were ideas, tests, prototypes, negotiations. It took time.

We shared the work in progress V.0.9.1 with the test subjects to collect feedback.

Hundreds of designers tried and failed and thousands of RTX 3090s were destroyed in the process, only because we wanted the design to be just perfect.

This work-in-progress T-shirt of winners is the first patent-pending, super-custom, extra comfy piece of merchandise with built-in “Hands up” Victory Protection™.

Still, the final piece is missing: THE CUT.

We hope you’re ready for what’s coming. Cuz we’re getting intimate this time.

The missing piece needs YOUR body measurements. Yes. The final cut is influenced by the manliness of your chest, size of your biceps and how thicc your gluteus maximus is

So what are your measures?

Our streamer’s squad, MADMONQ® VIPs and our BFFs already received a custom MADMONQ® measuring tape. But they are just the first line. To create something truly epic, we need you to get involved, too. The more data, the better. Our innovative AI (Excelia) will then spit out the dimensions of the perfect winner’s T-shirt.


What do we want to know?

  • A. Top length – from the base of your neck to hips (cuz they don’t lie)
  • B. Chest at its thickest point (usually around nipples)
  • C. Waist at its thinnest point
  • D. Shoulder width from one end of your shoulder to the other
  • E. Biceps at its thickest point (no flexing )
  • F. Whatever else you feel we should know about you


Incredible gameplay. Defining moment in your gaming career. True victory! But before you start fighting off potential mates with a blunt weapon, you raise your hands into the air in an epic gesture!

The sudden gust of chilly breeze right around your waist ruins this epic moment.

“F*ck, I hope nobody saw this” – you think to yourself with your belly fully exposed to your Zoom friends.

Unless you are Henry Cavill, this can be a problem. We want to change that.

So, raise your hands into the air one last time! But this time, do it for us. Do it without shame and measure the “travel distance” of the bottom part of your T-shirt and send it to us.

Hairy belly buttons no more.


You have a unique opportunity to shape the .. shape? of our new T-shirt. And that already kicks ass. However, to add a little juice, we will be giving out these custom T-shirts to FIVE lucky winners who will share their measurements with us via the form below.

And if it doesn’t work out, we plan to use your NICKNAME in the design of the packaging.

Let the measuring begin!

TIP: Should you not find a measuring tape at your home, simple shoe lace will suffice. Wrap it around the desired body part, mark it and then just use a simple ruler to get your specs #lifehack

The Fifth Avenue Tailors of MADMONQ®



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