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Exceptional value, beautifully designed & gift-ready. The Ultimate Tiger Pack holds 2x MADMONQ® + Tiger R.O.A.R. Shorts + Tiger Wrapping Paper.

This is the ultimate pack. Complete MADMONQ xmas combo delivered in an unforgettable package full of experience and art.

It comes wrapped in a protective sleeve tailored for design & function. The bold Tiger visual on the front face makes a big-cat statement. This is not for pussies. Rather, this is some serious apex predator material.

Tiger Stripe Wrapping Paper is a free (and a must-have) add-on. Even though it is not made of tiger skin, it still ensures your gift-receivers will see you as the undisputed champion of gift-giving.

DISCLAIMER: This gift has the ability to forge lifelong friendships. It has potential to bring peace to families in disarray or it may help avoid personal vendettas and … Who knows, it may even help you with finding that soul-tigress.

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Save €16.9
Ultimate Tiger Experience
2x MADMONQ® + Tiger R.O.A.R. Shorts + Tiger Wrapping Paper
The perfect gift to give or receive
Packs a surprise
Bruce Willis Essence (not a joke)